Saturday, September 26, 2015

Who will stand?

Dear Robert,

Rand Paul and I were elected to Congress in the same year.

While I've fought for our liberties consistently in the U.S. House, he's stuck to his guns on the values he campaigned on in the Senate, despite intense pressure from the Washington Machine.

Will you join me in supporting Senator Paul by chipping in a contribution before the September 30th deadline?

Robert, Rand Paul has led the fight in the Senate to knock down the central bank's wall of secrecy and finally Audit the Fed.

He's fought to cut spending to deal with our $18.2 trillion debt and repeal ObamaCare 100%.

And he's always stood for the Constitution and ALL of the Bill of Rights by fighting to end the NSA's illegal domestic spying program.

The fact is, Rand Paul has consistently championed the values you and I share.

And that's why his candidacy matches the moment.

Americans aren't looking for a President who will muddy the ideological waters.

They are thirsting for a candidate who boldly proclaims Big Government's days are numbered.

Robert, Rand Paul has a message he can carry to every corner of America to defeat the Washington Machine by:

>> MAKING Congress read the bills instead of ramming thousand-page pieces of legislation through with no time to consider the consequences;

>> CUTTING taxes for every American;

>> ENACTING a Balanced Budget Amendment to force Congress to live within its means;

>> ENDING career politicians lording over Washington by enacting term limits;

>> ELIMINATING Common Core.

Because he has the limited government record in the Senate to back up his rhetoric, polls show him leading Hillary Clinton in crucial swing states like Colorado, Iowa, and Pennsylvania.

Rand Paul is the biggest threat to defeat Hillary Clinton and put a stop to the Washington Machine and its Big Government ways.

So Hillary Clinton and her allies in the press are cranking up into full attack mode.

Rand Paul has never backed down from a fight and, with your help, he can defeat the Washington Machine and stop the coronation Hillary Clinton has planned.

I'm standing with him in the movement to take our country back and I hope you will join us by chipping in your most generous contribution right away.

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In Liberty,

Congressman Justin Amash (R-MI)

Paid for by Rand Paul for President

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