Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Dear Robert:

The Big Government political establishment was supposed to have this all sewn up by now.

But polls show the race for the Republican nomination for President of the United States is wide open.

And with the September 30th End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline rapidly approaching, I'm not going to mince words.

This is by far THE most critical fundraising deadline I've ever faced. PERIOD.

So I'm counting on your IMMEDIATE action.

The press and the Big Government establishment of BOTH parties are already sniffing around to see if my campaign has the grassroots support and resources it will take to surge to the top of the Republican Primary polls.

They know Americans have begun to zero in on the race for the White House with the launch of the Republican debates -- and are just now digging into candidates' records and plans.

And they know this is the last FEC reporting deadline before all candidates begin their massive end of year push to 2016.

As more punches are thrown, polls will change. This massive field of 15 Republican candidates is going to quickly start whittling down to just a handful.

My campaign is laying the groundwork to surge to the top.

But it's so critical I have a strong quarter. So I'm counting on your support.

From the very moment I launched my candidacy for the presidency of the United States, Democrats and their pals in the press have gone all-out to SMEAR me.

It hasn't worked.

Many polls show I'm the ONLY Republican candidate to beat leading Democrat Hillary Clinton in five key swing states President Obama won in both 2008 and 2012.

We have an unmatched and growing on-the-ground presence in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

Energy is sky-high as GOP loyalists and political newcomers step forward to "Stand With Rand" and fuel an exploding volunteer base.

These patriots are seeing firsthand that my campaign is the real deal.

You see, I didn't run for the U.S. Senate in 2010 because I was "next in line" or some high-powered consultant thought I'd make a great candidate.

I had a great life as a physician back home in Kentucky -- a life I was sad to let go.

But I ran for political office because I felt it was time that good people stood up and fought for the America we so dearly love. I ran because I was worried about the future of our country.

I worried that the "land of the free" is becoming the land of the regulated, taxed and spied on.

I'm running for President because I'm still worried. And I know you are too.

Today, we're $18.3 TRILLION in debt. The Middle East is spiraling out of control.

Members of BOTH parties openly sneer at the constitutional liberties that have made our nation the greatest and freest on earth.

I believe we can right the ship.

I believe we can destroy the Washington Machine and make liberty and freedom the default position in Washington, D.C. -- instead of corruption, cronyism and bigger government.

But that can only happen with your help and generous financial support.

Unlike many of my opponents, my campaign isn't funded by a bunch of Wall Street fat-cats and special interests who are looking for special deals, breaks and bailouts.

I'm not "their guy," and I never will be. I'm yours.

And I'm counting on you to please stand with me during this most critical time.

I'm running for President not to "be something" or because I need an ego boost. I'm running to restore America by ushering in real, bold limited-government reforms, including:

*** CUT TAXES AND SPENDING. My Fair and Flat Tax plan will blow up the tax code and start over, return $2 TRILLION to the American people over ten years, grow our GDP by a whopping 10% and result in at least 1.4 million new jobs;

*** PASS TERM LIMITS to end the reign of career politicians in Washington, D.C. who never have to face voters in a serious election;

*** FORCE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TO READ THE BILLS THEY VOTE ON, and stop their habit of ramming thousand-page bills into law at the last minute before anyone knows what's in them;

*** REPEAL ALL OF OBAMACARE to stop the soaring health insurance premium costs, policy cancellations, shuttered hospitals and poorer quality healthcare Americans are now experiencing;

*** AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE to end the "print-now, ask-questions-later" policies that result in never-ending boom-bust economic cycles, corruption and cronyism;

*** PROTECT THE ENTIRE BILL OF RIGHTS. That means protecting our religious liberties, the right to life, political speech, our gun rights and our Fourth Amendment right to privacy from government spying.

For the first time in decades, you and I have a true chance to nominate a Republican who will take a sledgehammer to the Washington Machine.

This race could not be more wide open. So every dollar counts.

With the September 30th FEC deadline rapidly approaching, will you please agree to your most generous contribution of $20.16?

I know it's a lot. But this is the most critical FEC deadline I've ever faced.

If it's just too much right now, please know whatever you can afford to contribute will help my campaign tremendously.

This is the last FEC deadline before I begin my all-out push to 2016.

Every dollar you can give will help me pay for the critical travel bills for the campaign stops, bumper stickers, phone banks, U.S. mail, social media outreach and Internet and TV ads it will take to surge to the top.

So please give as much as you can. Please agree to your most generous contribution of $20.16 or whatever you can afford at once!

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

P.S. The September 30th End of Quarter Fundraising Deadline is rapidly approaching. This is by far THE most critical fundraising deadline I've ever faced. PERIOD.

This massive field of 15 Republican candidates is going to quickly start whittling down to just a handful.

My campaign is laying the groundwork to surge to the top, but I must be able to count on your support. Please agree to your most generous contribution of $20.16 or more TODAY!

Paid for by Rand Paul for President

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