Friday, September 25, 2015

The insiders are stunned



My jaw dropped when I heard the news earlier this morning.

I know Washington insiders must be beside themselves with the unexpected news.

If you want to send a message that we need more Republican leaders who will stand and fight for Republican principles, now is the time to take action.

Will you please contribute as generously as you can to my campaign's End of Quarter Fundraising Blitz right away?

With members of the media and Big Government insiders sniffing around to see my campaign's next financial reports, now is your time to show you're FED UP.

If you want the next Speaker of the House -- and the next President -- to be a true limited government champion, please act right away.

I'm running for President to deliver on my detailed plan to defeat the Washington Machine and take our country back by:

>>> Ending the IRS with my 14.5% Fair and Flat Tax that will slash taxes for all Americans as everyone pays one low rate;

>>> Repealing ALL of ObamaCare;

>>> Kicking career politicians out of office with term limits;

>>> Stopping illegal NSA spying once-and-for-all.

But I need your help to get this message out to voters.

With the FEC's September 30th End of Quarter fundraising deadline rapidly approaching, I'm counting on you to please agree to your most generous contribution of $20.16 or more today.

Robert, Capitol Hill is RED HOT right now!

From ObamaCare, to illegal executive amnesty, to funding Planned Parenthood, surrender was always the first option for many of my Republican colleagues.

As a result, our party's nominating contest is wide open as voters are rejecting the establishment candidates the media thought would cakewalk to victory.

Robert, I'm the one candidate in this race with a real plan and a track record of delivering on the promises I make.

When voters hear my message of individual liberty and see my proven track record, they join my campaign to defeat the Washington Machine.

Our liberty message is resonating all across the country.

I see it every day when I'm out meeting voters on the campaign trail.

Everywhere I go, the crowds continue to grow.

Hundreds of patriots attend each event -- and they enthusiastically respond to my plan to defeat the Washington Machine.

After my strong debate performance last week, I proved my campaign had the organizational strength and grassroots support necessary to be the Republican nominee by winning the Mackinac Island straw poll in Michigan -- the largest straw poll of the year!

But I must have the resources to bust through the media's wall and get my message out to as many voters as possible.

And with the September 30th reporting deadline rapidly approaching, I need your help TODAY.

This is the most important deadline I will face as a candidate. It's critical I have a strong showing.

So will you please give as generously as you can to my campaign with the September 30th End of Quarter Deadline rapidly approaching?

Perhaps you can give $20.16 or even more?

But whatever amount you can give, please act at once.

I'm counting on your support, Robert.

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In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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