Monday, September 28, 2015



Enough is enough.

President Obama thinks he can bully everyone around him and force his will on the rest of the country on ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood and more out-of-control spending.

Far too many of my colleagues would rather shrug and surrender to Obama's demands before the fight even begins -- instead of standing up and fighting back against his Big Government policies that are ripping this country apart.

We're told the worst thing that could happen is a government shutdown.

But Robert, I'm voting against the short-term spending bill designed to keep government open past the Wednesday deadline because I think the worst thing that could happen is if the Big Government gravy train keeps chugging along.

With the FEC's End of Quarter deadline rapidly approaching in just over 48 hours, can I count on you to stand with me during this critical time?

The American people aren't going to take it anymore, Robert.

I'm sure you've heard every excuse imaginable that some of my colleagues use to justify waving the white flag and avoiding a confrontation with Obama.

"We'll defund Obama's Big Government policies once Republicans have the White House."

"Obama will blame us if the government shuts down."

"We just don't have the votes to override Obama's veto."

The American people didn't vote for a Republican party who will surrender at every turn in 2014. And they won't vote for one if our party continues along this path in 2016, either.

I'm not falling for their excuses, Robert. I won't run and hide.

I'm confident if I stand and fight, the American people will stand with me.

That's why, with the End of Quarter reporting deadline just over 48 hours away, I'm counting on you to make your most generous contribution to help me show the liberal press and Big Government apologists that the American people desperately want a President who will fight to slash Big Government.

I believe our Republican party should simply require 60 votes for all spending. Democrats don't have the votes to continue their radical pet projects.

Just let Obama try to blame Republicans for a government shutdown under these circumstances!

It's plans like these that have the Big Government establishment up in arms.

While other candidates tout new tax plans, not one has dared to issue a plan as bold as my 14.5% flat tax, which is designed to effectively end the IRS and put the Washington Machine on a diet.

If passed, it would return $2 trillion to the American people over 10 years, end the loopholes which are so often exploited by insiders with fat-cat lobbyists and create at least 1.4 million new jobs!

The Washington Machine is scared stiff.

They know I'm a fighter. They know I will never back down.

But today, I'm asking you to stand with me.

The End of Quarter deadline is this Wednesday, so please make your most generous contribution right away.

My campaign is built for the long haul, Robert. My recent victory in the Mackinac Island Republican Leadership Conference straw poll proves that our organization and grassroots force is unmatched.

But even grassroots-driven campaigns require money. There are offices, staff, phone banks, yard signs, materials, campaign travel, and many other expenses necessary for a campaign to function.

So please help me fight for Liberty and constitutional government by making a generous contribution to my campaign today.

The deadline is rapidly approaching. There's no time to waste!

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In Liberty,


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