Monday, September 14, 2015

226 years ago...


Circle this date on your calendar.

On September 17th, my campaign and the grassroots will be holding a Constitution Day Money Bomb.

Will you pledge to stand with me and make this Money Bomb a massive success by donating on Thursday at

226 years ago, our Founders gathered in Philadelphia and created a document unlike any other.

Our Constitution outlined checks and balances and separation of powers that restrained the power of the federal government.

America became the freest and most prosperous nation on earth because our Founders valued liberty over centralized authority.

That was the birth of American exceptionalism.

Over time, there has been a push and pull between those who seek to trample our liberties at the expense of their own ambitions and those who stand up to defend our founding values.

Robert, when you scan the recent headlines it feels like our freedom and liberty have never been under greater assault.

But this election gives our party a chance to offer a course correction.

Hillary Clinton's campaign is being dragged down under the weight of scandal, and grassroots conservatives have an opportunity to nominate a candidate who champions our values.

I ran for office because I was fed up with throwing things at the TV as career politicians bailed out the banks, rammed ObamaCare into law and attacked the Bill of Rights.

And I'm in this race because our nation needs a President who understands as Ronald Reagan did, that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

That's why I've taken bold stands to defeat the Washington Machine by:

>> Filibustering for ten-and-a-half hours to force illegal NSA spying to expire.

>> Proposing the largest tax cut in American history with my 14.5% Fair and Flat Tax plan to return over $2 trillion to the pockets of everyday Americans by having everyone paying the same low rate.

>> Auditing the Federal Reserve and tearing down the cloak of secrecy that allows our central bank to enable the endless print-borrow-and-spend cycle that plunged our nation $19 trillion in debt.

>> Repealing ObamaCare 100% and wiping this job-killing scheme off the books for good.

But to get this agenda past the media gatekeepers who are working to silence my message, I need your help to make the Constitution Day Money Bomb a massive success.

There are just over 72 hours until the launch of this money bomb and it's vital I count on the support of patriots everywhere.

So please visit my website and chip in your most generous contribution on September 17th.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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