Monday, September 14, 2015

Target on my back

Dear Robert:

In just two days, eleven Republican candidates will take the stage in Simi Valley, California for the second Republican presidential debate.

With debate moderators armed with gotcha questions and agendas, I'm not taking anything for granted. Not after I received only 5 minutes of speaking time during the last debate -- less than any other candidate!

That's why I'm counting on you to help me go around our national media and straight to Republican voters with your most generous support.

My campaign is now putting the finishing touches on a brand-new TV ad to air in key Republican primary states on Wednesday. But I'm counting on your support to help me put it on the air.

Robert, this is a big week for my campaign, not only because of Wednesday's debate, but also because Thursday, September 17th, is Constitution Day.

On this date 226 years ago, our nation's Founders handed down the U.S. Constitution, a document designed to restrain the power of government.

Those limited government principles would end up making the United States the greatest and freest nation on earth.

Today, those principles are under assault.

Hardly a week goes by without assaults from the Obama administration on our most basic liberties.

And sadly, many in my Republican Party -- which has at least given lip service to Constitutional principles for the past several decades -- no longer even mouth support for liberty.

I'm sure our national media and Big Government special interests couldn't be happier to learn the current GOP leader in the polls virtually never uses the words "freedom" or "liberty" in any of his speeches or public statements!

No wonder our national media continues to pump up his candidacy while the Big Government establishment's handpicked candidate scrambles to translate his big dollars into voter support!

Robert, I think freedom and liberty are too precious to let perish.

I think the American people will agree with me, if only I can cut through the media's roadblock.

That's why I'm counting on your most generous contribution today.

Your contribution will help me reach out and inform more voters about . . .

. . . My 14.5% Fair and Flat Tax Plan that will blow up the tax code, return $2 TRILLION to the American people and create 1.4 million new jobs in the process . . .

. . . My plan to impose term limits on career Washington, D.C. politicians and actually force Congress to read the bills they vote on are critical steps to actually reforming Congress . . .

. . . My Audit the Fed bill to finally expose corruption, cronyism and secrecy in our nation's out-of-control secret bank is critical to stopping never-ending boom-bust economic cycles that rob so many Americans blind . . .

. . . My pledges to repeal 100% of ObamaCare and protect the ENTIRE Bill of Rights are critical to ensuring every American the freedom and prosperity that should be their birthright . . .

. . . And my track-record of DELIVERING on the promises I make.

Robert, we cannot allow career politicians and charlatans to get away with trashing the principles that have made America so great.

We have to fight back.

Please agree to your most generous contribution of $20.16 or more TODAY to help me go around the media and put my campaign's TV ad on the air!

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In Liberty,

Rand Paul

Paid for by Rand Paul for President

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