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Townhall Daily - September 30 - John Ransom, Doug Giles, Ken Blackwell, Larry Kudlow, Austin Hill and More

Obama Administration to Defense Contractors: No Layoff Notices Until After Election, Please, Managing Expectations: Team Obama Paints Romney as Best Debater in History, Top Intelligence Office: Blame Us, Not White House, for Libya Flap,
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John Ransom John Ransom:
The Chevy Volt: One Part Social Security, Two Parts Postal Service
Doug Giles Doug Giles:
Dear Mitt: Please Don't Morph into a Wuss During the Debates. Regards, Doug Giles
Ken Blackwell Ken Blackwell:
Ahmadinejad at the UN: Sympathy for the Devil?
Larry Kudlow Larry Kudlow:
Mitt's Tax Cut Mulligan
Austin Hill Austin Hill:
Get A Grip: Americans Must Demand Better Government in November and Beyond
Paul Jacob Paul Jacob:
Sanity: Politically Possible?
Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell:
Another Push for Global Taxation from the United Nations
Rich Tucker Rich Tucker:
Mixed Signals: Breaking the "Law"
Kevin McCullough Kevin McCullough:
Why Rice Resigning, Misses The Point
Rich Tucker Rich Tucker:
Mixed Signals: Breaking the "Law"
Political  Calculations Political Calculations:
The Fragile Recovery in Housing Prices
Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock:
China New Export New Orders Decline At Fastest Pace in 42 Months
Marita Noon Marita Noon:
Obama Never Admits Green Failure
Mark Baisley Mark Baisley:
Obama's Not Mr. Right
Steve Deace Steve Deace:
Campaign 2012: A Tale of Two Counties
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  10. Sowell: Obama Versus Obama
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Friday, September 28, 2012

Final call for The Book on Obama


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Grassroots Action Alert
September 28, 2012

Final Call to throw the BOOK at Obama!      

From the Desk of: Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire

Dear Robert Bruce,

This is the final call before I decide how many copies of The BOOK on Obama to print. Grassfire wants to deliver this new, hard-hitting resource to tens of thousands of independent voters in "battleground" states on your behalf before November 6.

With less than six weeks until Election Day, we don't have a lot of time left to print and ship The BOOK on Obama to battleground voters we've located in key states. In order for Grassfire team members to have the greatest impact, we need to get our final count to the printer immediately.

So please, if possible, it would greatly help us to know today how many copies you want us to deliver on your behalf. Every voter needs to know the truth about Barack Obama -- and that's exactly what they'll find in the 256-page blockbuster, The BOOK on Obama.

Go here now to sponsor battleground voters to receive The BOOK on Obama.

+ + Sponsor a "battleground" voter for just $10

For your contribution of ANY AMOUNT, we'll send a copy of The BOOK on Obama directly to you. But for larger gifts you can sponsor any number of battleground voters AND receive a copy for yourself. For example: when you contribute $30, we'll send you The BOOK on Obama AND deliver two copies to battleground voters on your behalf. Or if you prefer, we can send all three copies to battleground voters.

Just let us know how many voters you want to sponsor, and Grassfire will take care of the rest. If you prefer, we'll even ship the books directly to you to distribute yourself. Either way, there's no additional charge for shipping.

+ + Time is running out to impact the presidential election

By sponsoring copies of The BOOK on Obama, you'll be placing a revealing exposé of our 44th president into the hands of battleground voters in key states.

The reality is that we can't wait any longer to submit our final count to the printer. Our expected beginning ship date for The BOOK on Obama is October 5. That's only 31 days before Election Day, so Grassfire needs to get our order right the first -- and only -- time.

The size of our print run is entirely up to our team members. So please act now to sponsor battleground voters to receive The BOOK on Obama:



P.S. Please join with thousands of other Grassfire team members to sponsor as many battleground voters as possible before November 6. Go here now to be one of the first team members to receive a copy of The BOOK on Obama when it ships on October 5.

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Sponsor a "Battleground" Voter to receive "The Book on Obama"

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Latest RCP Presidential Polls

Complying with New Tax Rules in ObamaCare will Cost Americans 80 Million Hours

Family Incomes and Wealth Dropping Under Obama

Tax Penalty to hit 6 Million uninsured people


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