Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Deep trouble


You've been lied to. Again and again. I have too.

We've been asked to give everything we have to try and save this country -- to get Big Government off our backs -- and nothing ever changes.

The Washington Machine keeps humming along -- as politicians in BOTH parties don't dare do anything but whittle around the edges of Big Government.

But Robert, today is your chance to help me send a loud and clear message that the days of broken promises are OVER!

A brand new Reuters poll released this morning shows my campaign is surging in the polls and I've now leaped into 5th place over the past five days.

But the FEC's September 30th midnight deadline is just hours away. And my campaign has a goal of raising $450,000 before midnight tonight. It's critical we reach our goal.

Will you please agree to your most generous contribution at once to help make sure I hit my goal and continue my surge in the polls?

Unlike so many of my opponents in this race, I'm not interested in just whittling down the Washington Machine. I'm interested in DESTROYING it once and for all.

Instead of false bravado masquerading as principle, my campaign is offering real plans to gut Big Government and restore liberty to the American people by:

*** Cutting taxes for every American. My 14.5% flat tax would return $2 TRILLION to the American people over 10 years, create 1.4 million new jobs and grow our GDP by a whopping 10%. No other candidates' tax plan comes close to mine;

*** Repealing ALL of ObamaCare. What's the purpose of the Republican Party if we can't repeal Democrat boondoggles? There's much that needs to be ended and repealed in Washington, and ObamaCare is a great place to start;

*** Imposing term limits for Members of Congress. Career politicians are always the ones telling us what we "can't" get done, aren't they? If they "can't" do what we elect them to do, let's send them packing!

*** Forcing Congress to read the bills they pass. Bad things come in BIG, thousand-page packages in Washington, D.C. This is how slick lobbyists shower their corporate cronies with special goodies and insider deals while hardworking Americans get stuck with the bill. We need to end corruption in Washington and this would be a strong start;

*** Protecting the ENTIRE Bill of Rights. Recent polls show roughly half of Americans view government as an immediate threat to their liberty. All I can say is, "what in the world are the other half of Americans thinking?" One thing I can promise you, if we keep electing politicians who keep attacking our Bill of Rights, ALL Americans will regret it!

This is my plan to completely dismantle and DESTROY the Washington Machine.

It's the plan Big Government members of BOTH parties fear most.

This is the most important FEC deadline of this campaign.

So if you want to stop being lied to by phonies who never hand you and me anything but broken promises, now is the time to take action.

Robert, I've stood up to ALL of them. And I've won.

That's true whether it was my first race in Kentucky where the entire Republican establishment chose to back my "next-in-line" tax-and-spend Republican opponent -- or in my recent victory forcing the worst provisions of the so-called "PATRIOT Act" to expire.

But both of those victories were only possible with the support of good folks like you.

So please agree to your most generous contribution of $20.16 or more TODAY.

The deadline is rapidly approaching.

And, as I mentioned, my campaign has a goal of hitting $450,000 by midnight tonight.

Right now, Robert, we're still short of reaching that goal.

I'm counting on your help. Please chip in a contribution before midnight tonight.

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In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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