Thursday, September 17, 2015

Make government smaller -- not BIGGER!


If you want a politician to maintain the Washington Machine's failed status-quo you can have a Bush, a Clinton or any one of the Big Government politicians on stage with me.

But if you want to upend business as usual, we must have a change.

I'm running to abolish the IRS, impose term limits for career politicians and force Congress to read the bills they ram into law.

And I need your help to spread this message to as many voters as possible in the key early states.

My campaign and the grassroots have launched a Constitution Day Money Bomb, and I hope I can count on you to chip in $20.16 right away.

Robert, I ran for office because I was fed up with the politics as usual that was rigged for the well connected.

The bailouts, the failed stimulus package and ObamaCare were all payoffs to the Washington Machine cronies that plunged our nation deeper into debt and eroded our freedoms.

And the politicians in both parties would pay lip service to the Constitution, while scheming behind closed doors to undermine our values.

So I ran for office even when the big shots in my own party lined up behind their handpicked candidate.

I defeated the establishment because I had the support of patriots like you.

And since day one in office I have fought to defend the Bill of Rights.

You see, America is exceptional because 228 years ago today our founders delivered a revolutionary document that restrained government.

The framers meant every word that prioritized the liberty of Americans above the power of government.

And while there has been a constant struggle between those who would expand the powers of the federal government and those who defend liberty, I have been proud to always stand for the Bill of Rights.

Not when it was convenient.

Not some of the time.

Or even most of the time.

But all of the time.

And that is the choice our party faces in this election.

Will we compromise our defense of the Constitution? Or will we nominate a candidate who champions our values.

If you watched last night's debate you know there will always be a Bush or a Clinton for the Big Government crowd to try and foist on the electorate.

But I'm not running for the approval of the lobbyists and the insiders who make their living gaming the system.

I'm in this race to:

>> Drive a stake through the heart of the IRS and pass the largest tax cut in American history.

>> Audit the Federal Reserve and end the cycle of print-borrow-and-spend which has devalued our dollar and careened our nation into $19 trillion in debt.

>> Repeal ObamaCare 100%.

So I don't believe the contrast in this primary could be any clearer.

And with Hillary Clinton's campaign bogged down with scandal, our party has an opportunity to elect a candidate who champions our values.

That's why I hope I can count on you to chip in a contribution of $20.16 to the Constitution Day Money Bomb and help my campaign get this message in front of as many voters as possible.

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In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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