Monday, December 18, 2023

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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Newsletter: A Week To Remember Those Sacrificing for Our Freedom

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December 2024 Vol. I No. 24

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Dear Robert,

Good morning and thank you for your continued interest in our effort to build a better tomorrow.

Building a better tomorrow in Virginia and in America, is remembering and honoring our history and traditions. Unfortunately, as we have realized from the protests on college campuses, to the failure of teaching basic civics in our classrooms, we have to renew our focus to educate the next generation.

Eighty-two years ago today, on a clear December morning, our country was attacked at Pearl Harbor. Until 9/11, the deadliest attack on United States soil, kiling thousands. The next day, our Nation joined World War II and through sacrifice, defeated facism. We need to honor and remember those men and women that gave their all for America's freedom.

Tomorrow, the Jewish community will begin the Hanukkah holiday but we all know that due to the attacks in early October in Israel, that this Hanukkah will also be a time of rememberance. A time to pray for all those innocent people slaughtered by Hamas. A time to reflect on the lives cut short by extremists.

The Catholic community worldwide will be gathering also tomorrow for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. A day to remember Mary, the Theotokos, her obedience to God and the coming birth of Jesus. Let us draw inspiration from Mary's bravery in saying "yes" to God's plan, and find the courage to do the same in our own lives.

For a #BetterTomorrow, we must remember and learn from our history, honor our traditions and be ready to fight for our freedoms that others will endeavor to violate.

Thank you for your on-going support, God Bless, and hope to see you soon!


P.S. Our campaign is built on hundreds of wonderful individual donations by supporters like you! The big money, DC crowd has already decided that Tim Kaine is in their pocket. We have to prove them wrong. Any donation you an make today to my campaign is greatly appreciated.



Each newsletter we will bring you updates on our

Women United For Garcia / Mujeres Unidas Por Garcia Coalition

My wife and best friend, Veronica is leading the coalition!



Dear Friends:

On January 1st it is crunch time! We will begin collecting thousands of signatures across the Commonwealth to place Eddie on the ballot for the June 18th primary (and early voting will begin 45 days before on May 3rd).

We need your help in collecting signatures from friends, family, neighbors and your community. This will be the main effort for the Women United for Garcia and all the Garcia for US Senate coalitions. We have been and will hold more zoom educational meetups to provide the basic details (it is easy) and answer any questions. Please join us.

If you would like to volunteer to help us, please send an email to and we will be in contact about the upcoming meetups.

God Bless you and thank you again for all your support of Eddie!


P.S. Our new bumper stickers have arrived! You can show your support for our campaign every day. Please email us at with your postal address and the number of stickers you would like. Thank you!

Please Sign Up Here for Women United for Garcia Coalition

Meeting and Greeting with Fellow Conservatives. I am a 24/7 Candidate!

Since my announcement, I have had the opportunity to visit and help folks across our great Commonwealth. I am a full-time candidate (just like my opponent Tim Kaine) and to date, I have met with over 70 Republican organizations. I promise to you, I will be one of the hardest working candidates you will ever meet.

I am excited to be speaking wih Republicans across the Commonwealth. In the last two weeks, I was able to address the Charlottesville GOP; the Liberty Republican Womens Club; the Monticello Republican Womens Club; the Henrico County Republican Committee and the Volunteer Appreciation Dinnner for the Arlington County GOP (Watch HERE). This Saturday, I will speak at the Augusta County Regional Republican Christmas Party and the Arlington YRs event. See the link below if we can schedule an opportunity to address your committee, club or group.

I was honored to be the guest speaker at the 2nd Annual Veteranos Salseros Celebration in Richmond on Veterans Day. The event raises money and celebrates all Veterans. Watch HERE. There are over 770,000 veterans across Virginia, many from diverse communities, and we Republicans need to reach out and make them a part of our campaign for a better tomorrow.

Ten months ago I released the above video announcing my campaign and why I am running to represent YOU in the US Senate. I am committed to building a #bettertomorrow for every Virginian. If you have not had a chance to watch it, I ask you will take a few moments and click above or HERE to understand my devotion to freedom, faith and family. Thank you.

Contact My Scheduler HERE to invite me to your next event or to interview


"In a groundbreaking interview with the Latino Strike Force, Republican candidate Eddie Garcia, retired U.S. Army Major, lays out a strategic blueprint to secure victory against Senator Tim Kaine in the upcoming 2024 elections. Garcia's vision transcends the typical political playbook, focusing on connecting with the working-class base of the Republican Party.....Garcia's distinct approach seeks to disrupt the traditional political narrative by positioning himself as a relatable figure intimately acquainted with the daily struggles of working-class Americans."

Click the image above or HERE to read the complete article.

I sat down with Steve Hook and Bryan McClain of "State of the Nation" on TNT Radio to discuss my campaign and the political topics of the day.

We talk about the abortion isssue and it's impact on the recent Virginia elections. I discuss how I am 100% Pro-Life and also 100% women's health. We need to provide the best healthcare possible. We need to expand maternity access and increase crisis pregancy centers. Why do the Democrats want to shut these women's healthcare centers down? They are the extremists on this issue.

Click the image above or HERE to listen to my complete interview on TNT Radio.

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Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the

US Army or the Department of Defense.

Garcia For Virginia Committee

Thank you for your generous donation to my campaign. Your investment will allow me to reach out to ALL Virginians and bring my message of a better tomorrow.

Thank you.

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