Friday, October 21, 2016

Check out "Clinton’s Ally - Bailout of ‘Obamacare’ with Americans’ $25 Trillion Retirement Kitty" on Tea Party Command Center

National Dire…
Check out the discussion 'Clinton’s Ally - Bailout of ‘Obamacare’ with Americans’ $25 Trillion Retirement Kitty'
With the Clintons it is always about using someone else's it is your retirement savings...

Discussion posted by Kat:

The Wall Street executive who is the leading candidate to be Treasury Secretary if Hillary Clinton is elected, is now quietly touting a pl...

Discussion link:
Clinton’s Ally - Bailout of ‘Obamacare’ with Americans’ $25 Trillion Retirement Kitty

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stand up for Obamacare

Organizing for Action
Robert --

When President Obama took office, this is what the picture looked like for health care in America:

-- Insurance companies could deny someone coverage because of a pre-existing condition -- and they did.

-- Young men and women were losing coverage as they moved on from school, leaving them vulnerable just as they were looking for jobs.

-- Insurers could set arbitrary lifetime dollar limits on a patient's coverage.

Obamacare changed all that.

Since it became law, 20 million Americans have gained coverage, and right now our country has its lowest uninsured rate ever recorded. Obamacare is working, and millions of families across the country now have the peace of mind they deserve.

But the push to get everyone the coverage they need isn't over. Some members of Congress are still trying to repeal the law, and not everyone knows how to get signed up for affordable care. The next open enrollment period starts two weeks from today, on November 1. It's going to be up to all of us to make sure that we're building on the success of this landmark achievement by committing to protect Obamacare, and to help as many Americans as possible find coverage.

Speak up -- say you'll defend the progress we've seen under Obamacare and keep working to make sure your friends, family, and neighbors are covered.

People like you are a big part of why so many Americans have gotten covered over the last few years, and why we've successfully beaten back attempts to roll back this progress. You helped spread the word about Obamacare to your friends. And when the critics doubled down on their anti-Obamacare rhetoric and pushed to repeal the law -- without any real solutions in place to replace it -- you spoke up.

From November 1 to January 31, Americans who want to change their plans or need coverage for next year will have the chance to review their options through the marketplace and find a plan that works for them.

Your voice has had a huge impact on the fight for quality, affordable health care.

Raise it again -- protect the progress we've made with Team Obamacare, and keep working to ensure all Americans have the safety and security of affordable health care coverage:

With your help, we can get there.



Katie Hogan
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Check out "Wikileaks reveal Obama coerced Justice Roberts to pass Obamacare" on Tea Party Command Center

National Dire…
Check out the discussion 'Wikileaks reveal Obama coerced Justice Roberts to pass Obamacare'
He 'scared Roberts off', he used the power of his office to influence the Supreme Court? Facts did not decide this case, Obama did. The ruling must be invalidated...

Discussion posted by National Director, Dee:

hat tip:

Discussion link:
Wikileaks reveal Obama coerced Justice Roberts to pass Obamacare

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FW Newsletter: Another ObamaCare End Run Around Congress


Another ObamaCare End Run Around Congress

- Adam Brandon via Investor's Business Daily

Like the proverbial broken record, the Obama administration is — again — showing its contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law.

The administration has had a proclivity for circumventing Congress when President Obama doesn't get his way. This time, taxpayers could be on the hook for a bailout of health insurance companies that have lost money through the ObamaCare exchanges.

Recently, the Washington Post reported that the Justice Department is considering tapping the Treasury Department's Judgment Fund, which is used to pay federal legal claims, to settle with health insurance companies that are suing the administration over financial losses from their participation in ObamaCare. Read more here...

Stephen Moore's Speech at The Constitution Revival Tour- Milwaukee

Stephen Moore FB Live.PNG

FreedomWorks' Book Club Spotlight: "Our Lost Constitution: The Willful Subversion of America's Founding Document"

In Our Lost Constitution, Senator Mike Lee tells the dramatic, little-known stories behind six of the Constitution’s most indispensable provisions. He shows their rise. He shows their fall. And he makes vividly clear how nearly every abuse of federal power today is rooted in neglect of this Lost Constitution. Get your copy here...

Clinton Is Not the Tech Privacy Candidate. Not Your Privacy Anyway.

- via Reason

It's incredibly obvious that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton are particularly savvy or even remotely articulate about cybersecurity, encryption, and other tech policy issues. It's probably too much to expect people of their ages and backgrounds to stay on top of such an ever-evolving, complicated web of concerns, so what matters here would ultimately be who they choose to help guide federal policies and what sort of principles undergird them (if any).

Amid the dump of hacked emails from Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta are bits and pieces of discussion that help indicate her mindset on citizen privacy and the use of encryption to protect data. As Apple was fighting with the FBI earlier in the year over whether the government could force a private tech company to develop tools to defeat its own encryption, California Democratic Rep. Zoe Lofgren, a strong supporter of tech privacy and Fourth Amendment safeguards from unwarranted surveillance, communicated with the campaign. She was hoping that Clinton would take a stand opposing the FBI's attempts to draft Apple's cooperation via court order and wanted to speak with Clinton if she was thinking of taking the FBI's side. Lofgren supplied a copy of her statement rejecting the FBI's authority and the court's ruling against Apple, saying "It is astonishing that a court would consider it lawful to order that a private American company be commandeered for the creation of a new operating system in response." Read more here...

Yahoo Case Highlights Trouble for Privacy Rights

- by Isai Chavez

Last year, Yahoo received a court order from the Justice Department (who obtained it from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) obligating Yahoo to scan all of its users’ emails for specific information, which has not been disclosed. We do know some of that search involved finding traces of malware. By modifying a standard spam filter, Yahoo was able to search through all of its users’ emails, not just individual accounts, in real time. Yahoo claims to have since discontinued this practice.

Privacy rights were also challenged by the Apple-FBI case earlier this year. Apple was asked by the FBI to decrypt or unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino shooters. Apple refused on the grounds that in order to do that it would have to create special software. Apple was concerned that this software would be used more than once. Read more here...

One Way to Reduce Regulations? Give States the Power to Reject Them.

- by Neil Siefring via The Hill

The current session of Congress, much like the ones that preceded it, has been filled with gridlock, recycled policy debates and little progress on the challenges facing our nation.

But on the day the House adjourned until November, a ray of hope emerged: A resolution to combat the regulatory state and revive federalism was introduced. There may be hope after all for the republic.

Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) introduced H.J. Res. 100 on Sept. 28. This simple and elegant resolution would amend the Constitution "to give States the authority to repeal a Federal rule or regulation when ratified by the legislatures of two-thirds of the several States." The states could repeal "any Presidential Executive order, rule, regulation, other regulatory action, or administrative ruling issued by a department, agency, or instrumentality of the United States." Read more here...

Lesson of the Week
The price of money—also known as interest rates—is arguably the most important price in the economy, and when government fixes these rates below the market level, the markets are distorted and we end up with more borrowing and more debt than we should have. The Federal Reserve is creating an addiction to cheap money, and like any other addiction, there’s only one way to kick the habit and return to a state of fiscal sanity. Watch it here...

For Disaster Recovery, the Best Knowledge Is Local Knowledge

- via Reason
As residents all along the Southeastern coast start to put their lives back together after a devastating visit by Hurricane Matthew, these communities will face unique challenges. Not surprisingly, the calls for billions of dollars in federal government aid are already coming out loud and clear. In states affected by storms, government is often thought of as the only answer to reconstruction. However, research on the aftermath of natural disasters reveals that more often than not, local residents are better-suited to efficiently address these challenges than government on the local, state and federal levels.

Even if the federal government could increase the funding to help these communities above and beyond the $5 billion available in FEMA's disaster relief fund, the money would have to come from an omnibus bill passed by Congress in a lame-duck session, meaning it could be months before they receive an increase in funds. Even if Congress were to approve unlimited funds for rebuilding, it would most likely be surrounded by the type of bureaucracy that benefits a few while undermining true recovery of getting people back into their homes and communities. Read more here...

New Study Explores the Morality and Virtues of Capitalism

- via Competitive Enterprise Institute

My colleague Fred Smith has a new study out today on the morality of capitalism, in particular discussing how we think about corporations as economic actors. Is capitalism good just because it’s efficient at producing wealth, or does it have more compelling human qualities? How should corporations talk about their mission and respond when criticized?

Fred likes to lead into this discussion with what I call the Adam Smith dichotomy. Smith is known for extolling the benefits of specialization and free trade in his most famous book, The Wealth of Nations. He emphasizes that it is primarily through self-interest that we advance and make economic gains. In perhaps the book’s most famous passage, Smith tells us that “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.” Read more here...

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Jason Pye
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Check out "Believe the victims — unless they're Bill's" on Tea Party Command Center

National Dire…
Check out the discussion 'Believe the victims — unless they're Bill's'
Isn't this the truth!

Discussion posted by National Director, Dee:

The dominating issue of last Friday's debates could have (and probably should have) been ISIS, ObamaCare, or the economy. Instead, the audi...

Discussion link:
Believe the victims — unless they're Bill's

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Friday, October 14, 2016

‘Tis the season

Economy and Markets

Revolution is Inevitable!

Our tax, healthcare and retirement systems are an utter disgrace. According to one of America's greatest financial minds they've all been so bastardized by special interests and lobbying that they no longer serve the greater good and there's only one thing that can save us and bring America back to reality… Click here to learn why he believes an economic and social breakdown could happen as soon as the next few months and what steps to take RIGHT NOW to protect your money, your family and your future.

ECONOMY & MARKETS | October 14, 2016

What Declining Earnings Continue to Tell Us

By Rodney Johnson, Senior Editor, Economy & Markets


'Tis the season. Earnings season, that is, and I don't think we're getting any presents.

This week Alcoa kicked off the third-quarter earnings announcement season. The next couple of weeks will bring an onslaught of numbers, excuses, deflections, and projections. Company spokesmen and CEOs will spend time explaining why their industry is soft, and how better times are just ahead.

If only we remove those sticky one-time events that seem to happen every quarter, they say, we'll realize that the core business is quite healthy, and things are looking up!

I've got a better idea. Rather than listening to the talking heads, we should simply review the results.

Taken as a whole, things aren't terrible. But they aren't very promising, either. We're struggling just to get back to where we were two years ago.

At the start of this year, the consensus estimate was for the earnings of the companies in the S&P 500 to turn positive in the second quarter. U.S. companies suffered a dismal fourth quarter in 2015 that carried over to the New Year, but surely things would get better in short order.

They have, but not by much.

Can't Make it to the 2016 Irrational Economic Summit? Then We'll Bring Our Top Strategies to You!

The number one thing you need do find winners in today's expensive markets… how to both protect AND profit from the coming economic collapse… what next month's election means to your money… and where you should look to capitalize on the upcoming sale of a lifetime on Wall Street.

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According to FactSet, we're staring down the sixth consecutive quarter of lower year-over-year earnings, which marks the first time this has happened since the company began to track earnings in the third quarter of 2008.

Last year, much of the decline was attributed to energy companies. With the price of oil falling out of bed through most of 2015 and fracking all but shut down, energy companies gushed red ink.

The carnage was supposed to stop when oil rebounded, but that hasn't happened. Oil is up more than 50% from the end of last year, and yet energy company earnings are expected to fall 63% this quarter.

But that's not the only suffering sector. Analysts cut their earnings estimates for materials, real estate, and consumer discretionary companies.

If earnings are reported as expected, we will have climbed back to levels first seen in the summer of 2014.

It sounds dismal, because it is. Yet the equity markets are near all-time highs. It's as if stock prices are celebrating, even though companies are struggling to make progress.

Recently Nike surprised the markets with better-than-expected earnings, but then disappointed with their forward guidance.

Essentially, the company said things had been pretty good lately, and enjoyed a boost from the Rio Olympics, but they didn't think the good times would last. These are interesting words, coming from a retail company that typically does well in the fourth quarter due to holiday sales.

But don't worry!

Everything is fine, right?

Analysts estimate earnings will pop 13% in 2017, so the good times will finally be here again.

I'll believe it when I see it.

And then there's the little matter of stock buybacks. Once the province of failing companies that were eager to shore up their price-earnings ratios by taking shares out of the market, stock buybacks have been all the rage since the financial crisis of 2008.

Companies are using their cash stockpiles and debt (courtesy of exceptionally low interest rates) to retire stock by the truckload. In the first quarter of this year, companies in the S&P 500 spent more than $150 billion to buy back their shares. They have spent more than $2 trillion on their own stocks since 2011.

When dividends are included with stock buybacks, companies in the S&P 500 have paid investors 112% of what they made in the first half of 2016. To put it mildly, that's unsustainable.

These three trends – falling earnings, stock buybacks, and equity market gains – make for an interesting paradox. Companies are telling us in no uncertain terms that growth remains elusive, they can't find a good use for cash, and yet stock buyers keep pushing up share prices.

Once again, I'm reminded of the old quote by economist Herbert Stein: "If something cannot go on forever, it will stop."

After seven years of growth based on shaky fundamentals, trillions of dollars in stock buybacks, and central bank action, equity markets are at risk. Make sure you have a plan for when that "something" that can't go on forever, finally stops.


P.S. Don't forget to join me, the Dent Research team and other financial luminaries like David Walker and Lacy Hunt next week at the Irrational Economic Summit in West Palm Beach, Florida. I look forward to seeing you there. And if you can't make it to the PGA National Resort Oct. 20-22 to take in our presentations and mingle in person, make sure to watch online via our live stream.

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Let's Save Our Country

Let's Save Our Country
Dear Friends,

My goodness, we sure do live in interesting times. This week's political headlines have Democrats thinking of winning back control of Congress.

If Hillary Clinton wins this election the only thing that can stop her radical agenda is a Republican-controlled Congress.  We cannot lose our last line of defense.

But Nancy Pelosi had this to say:
"If the election were held today, the Democrats would regain the House."

The last time the Democrats controlled Congress they passed Obamacare without a single Republican vote. This time they'll stock the courts with their liberal lawyers and the executive branch with their hyper-regulators.

With just 25 days remaining before the election, I'll be honest with you: I'm concerned Pelosi could be right.

Money is pouring into Democratic coffers to win back Congress and we need to respond forcefully.

That's why I am personally asking for your help to fund our crucial AD BLITZ campaign. It's the ONLY way to bypass the media to reach undecided voters, convince them to join us and get them to the polls.

With ballots already being cast here in our district, we absolutely cannot afford to wait any longer.

Please help fund this crucial AD BLITZ to ensure victory for our campaign.  So much is at stake!

Let's go win and work together to save our country.


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