Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal Ratification by Rats

11/21/13 Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate shredded the rules of the Senate and invoked the ironically dubbed "Nuclear Option" so that President Obama could pack the courts to defend Obamacare. Advice and Consent?  From 1806 to November 21, 2013 a Senator could filibuster a judicial appointment that would require 3/5th votes to override.
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Since President Obama renamed Mount McKinley to Denali, Stanley suggests that the GOP draft a bill to rename the EPA polluted Animas River to "Obama's EPA River"

Dear Robert,

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The founder's reserved the advice and consent function to the Senate because of its less volatile six year term with only 1/3rd being up for election every two years. The Senate was  until recently aptly known as the world's most deliberative body.
As it stands right now there will be no more than 30 hours of debate, 15 hours by Republicans in the Senate because the Republican's will not be able to get the six votes needed to overcome cloture.
What reasonable person can argue that the Iran Nuclear Deal is not worthy of debate.
I urge you to urge the Senate to invoke our own "Nuclear Option" until such time as the Iran Nuclear Deal has been finalized.
The President at this point has only vetoed four bills let's give his famous pen a workout and give him a lot more bills to veto.
My goal is to educate my readers, 
Our country's future looks bleak but the right policies can turn things around quickly. In December of 1982 the US had its highest post depression unemployment rate of 10.8%.

In September of 1983 the US created 1,314,000 jobs and in 1984 our economy grew by 7.3%

Trust but Verify
Please write your elected officials and demand that they vote Hell No on the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Let's S.T.R.I.V.E for America

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