Friday, September 4, 2015

It just gets worse


Just watching President Obama cozy up with pro-abortion extremists makes me sick to my stomach.

Despite protests erupting across America as videos emerge revealing Planned Parenthood aborting unborn babies and selling off their body parts for profit.

...Obama just thumbed his nose at the American people.

As if ruining healthcare for millions of Americans wasn't already bad enough, Obama is sending Planned Parenthood another million dollars in taxpayer money to advertise ObamaCare on behalf of the federal government!

He's funding his political allies while laughing in our face, Robert.

That's why I'm asking you to hold the line against President Obama and keep up the pressure on your elected officials by signing your Defund Planned Parenthood petition right away.

Robert, it's unacceptable that over half a BILLION dollars is ripped from the paychecks of hard-working taxpayers and sent directly to Planned Parenthood's abortion mills across the country.

But what's even more unacceptable is that some of my colleagues think we should surrender -- that we should just tuck tail and run from this fight.

They couldn't be more wrong.

You and I both know that President Obama won't back down from this fight.

And neither should we!

I refuse to bow down to Obama's commands and stand by while the federal government funds an organization that dismembers and sells the organs of innocent, unborn babies.

But if you and I don't take a stand right now, no one else will.

I'm sure you remember how, despite members of BOTH parties opposing me, my bill to defund Planned Parenthood came up just a few votes short.

Robert, don't be discouraged. This fight is just getting warmed up!

Hundreds of rallies across the country have erupted as thousands and thousands of Americans rise up in protest.

We've built up an enormous amount of momentum over the past few weeks.

Now I'm asking for your help to turn this energy into a grassroots force to be reckoned with and draw a line in the sand demanding your elected officials defund Planned Parenthood.

Can I count on you to join this fight by signing your petition right now?

After you sign your petition, please watch my campaign's new Stand for Life video and chip in your most generous contribution to help me mobilize the grassroots pressure it's going to take to strip Planned Parenthood of every last penny of taxpayer dollars.

Congress controls the power of the purse, Robert.

If President Obama wants to ignore the pleas of the American people and veto this legislation, then so be it! Let him, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Democrats explain why their pro-abortion extremism should be subsidized by the taxpayers.

If I'm elected President, I will fight tirelessly to end abortion on demand, just as I'm fighting to defund Planned Parenthood now.

But it's going to take a massive outpouring of pressure. So I'm counting on your immediate action.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

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-- Rand

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