Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Support Affordable Renewable Energy - Vote "No" to HB1526/SB851!

The SCC revised their original estimate of 16% and now estimate that electricity costs will increase by a minimum of 24% in the next few years if HB1526 and SB851 pass.  The cost of these bills is SIG
The SCC revised their original estimate of 16% and now estimate that electricity costs will increase by a minimum of 24% in the next few years if HB1526 and SB851 pass.  The cost of these bills is SIGNIFICANT!

The Virginia Clean Economy Act will eliminate CO2 emissions from electricity generation by 2045, but it strips the authority of the State Corporation Commission (SCC) to protect consumers from unreasonable and imprudent utility costs. 

Restore SCC oversight and keep electricity affordable!

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

futility of wind and solar

Posted: 17 Feb 2020 04:53 PM PST
(John Hinderaker)

Jeff Bezos announced today that he will spend $10 billion to "fight climate change." How, exactly, will his money alter the climate?
[Bezos] said the Bezos Earth Fund would help back scientists, activists, non-government organizations and any other effort that "offers a real possibility to help preserve and protect the natural world."
So the money will go to "scientists, activists [and] non-government organizations"–in other words, the Left. I can guarantee that Bezos's billions will have zero effect on the climate, but they will enrich left-wing nonprofits, "scientists" who toe the global warming line, and utilities who greedily profit from foolish expenditures on wind and solar energy. I assume that Bezos is smart enough to know this, and that this is his way of sliding money to the Left without acknowledging what he is doing.

The big money is almost 100% "green." Recently there was a high-level meeting of greenies at a Rockefeller mansion outside of New York City. Notes from the meeting have been made public, and you can read about it here. The attendees talked about the need to get industry on their side. How?
[W]hen [it] comes to power sector, look to politics – relatively easy political landscape, as long as utility makes $.
And the utility will make money, guaranteed, as a regulated monopoly, as long as state mandates combine with federal subsidies to "force" it to invest countless billions in wind and solar energy, which are terrible for the environment but great for utility stock prices.

The "green" juggernaut marches on. Wind and solar energy hurt the environment in many ways while locking us in to fossil fuel use in the form of natural gas, forever. That is OK with me; natural gas is the best energy source for a power plant. But the many billions of dollars that go for wind and solar energy, which actually provide electricity nowhere near half the time, while usually relying on "complementary" natural gas plants, is a complete waste. Unless you are a utility. The only way Bezos's $10 billion could make a positive contribution is if it promoted nuclear energy, but you can be sure that isn't going to happen.

The forces of reason, which point out the futility of wind and solar energy, are essentially unfunded. They have little or no corporate support and rely on grass roots donations. Truth is powerful, but is it powerful enough to overcome the Left's massive cash advantage?
Here is another example. Have you heard of Arabella Advisors? I hadn't, but check this out:
Arabella Advisors (commonly called "Arabella") is a philanthropic consulting company that guides the strategy, advocacy, impact investing, and management for high-dollar left-leaning nonprofits and individuals. [1] Arabella provides these clients with a number of services that ease their operations and that enable them to enact policies focused on environmentalism and other left-of-center issues.
How big is Arabella?
Arabella Advisors manages four nonprofits that serve as incubators and accelerators for a range of other left-of-center nonprofits. These include the New Venture Fund, the Sixteen Thirty Fund, the Hopewell Fund, and the Windward Fund. These nonprofits have collectively hosted hundreds of left-wing policy and advocacy organizations (referred to by critics as "pop-up groups" because they are little more than websites). In 2018, Arabella's four nonprofits reported combined revenues of $635 million. Altogether, between 2013 and 2018 the nonprofits reported combined revenues of just under $2.3 billion and total expenditures of $1.8 billion.
Arabella has implemented over 300 different "pop-up" projects targeting a range of issues, including net neutrality, free speech, abortion access, Obamacare, and President Donald Trump's judicial nominees. The company specifically highlights projects in which it has helped its clients divest millions of dollars from traditional energy companies, invest in risky experimental companies, boycott the historically Republican-leaning U.S. Chamber of Commerce, enact a ballot initiative that freed 4,000 criminals in California, and lobby for a labor union-friendly policy in Oregon that was supported by the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the Oregon Nurses Association.
There is nothing comparable on the right. Why does the Left have so much money? There are several reasons: 1) Many companies are pursuing their own financial interests. For example, investor-owned utilities, which have vast financial interests that cause them to support left-wing environmental fantasies that enrich utilities but harm consumers. 2) The biggest spenders on elections and public policy are unions, especially government unions, which lobby for more government, and support politicians who will expand government, because it is in their financial interest to do so. 3) Many celebrities (Jeff Bezos may fall into this category) have more money than brains, and either have fallen for leftist prattle, or–in many cases–seek to protect themselves against attacks from the Left by donating to leftist causes. It usually works.

This is the massive resource advantage that the forces of freedom are up against on just about every front.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Question about Zantac containing carcinogens.


My name is Courtney, I'm part of the Community Outreach team for Florin|Roebig, a firm focused on those that have been victimized or taken advantage of. Most of our clients are not able to afford lawyers so we provide all of these services for free. Because of our passion for community involvement, we've created these guides to share information about nationwide problems and possible legal action. 

Late 2019, FDA released a statement alerting patients and healthcare providers of a safety concern regarding the drug, ranitidine, commonly bought under the brand name, Zantac. The test findings demonstrating toxic levels of a carcinogenic ingredient known as NDMA. 

Personal injury lawsuits claim these drug makers marketed and sold drugs contaminated with toxic amounts of NDMA, without disclosing the health risks, such as cancer-causing effects, to the government or the public. Because of this, people across the US have joined lawsuits against Zantac.

Consumers and their loved ones are understandably concerned about the recent statements. It's important to make this information much more accessible than it's been in the past. In this guide,, we touch on points such as: 
  • Types Of Cancer Linked To Zantac
  • What To Do If You've Taken Zantac
  • Types of Damages Awarded 
  • & much more. 
Perhaps you'd be interested in checking it out and sharing it as a resource? I look forward to hearing back from you!  

Courtney Collins
Outreach Specialist
Florin | Roebig Trial Attorneys

Friday, February 14, 2020

Fwd: "Wish List" now their "To-do-list"

Fellow Members of the King George TEA Party:
Forwarding the below from Carol Stopps of CLIC-VA Team.  There is no way I could improve on what she says below.

James Hull
King George TEA Party
King George, Virginia

Begin forwarded message:

From: clic-va update <>
Subject: clic-va Crossover Update__socialist "Wish List" now their "To-do-list"
Date: February 14, 2020 at 9:25:40 AM EST

View this email in your browser (

Nov 5th, 2019

"The End Of The World As We Knew It"

Virginia socialists' "Wish List" became their "To-Do-List"

This crossover update is a partial list of the "Mother Of All Bills" in each category (MOABs) which will cause a drastic change in life as we know it in Virginia! In almost every category it became impossible to pick the worst bill, however, you are being spared from the full list unless you want it. Full list here (


Free speech, free exercise of religion, freedom of association, honest elections, any chance for free market healthcare or school choice, reasonable electric rates, right to work, whatever is left of manufacturing in VA, remaining the number 1 state to do business in, and Virginia's historical monuments. [Our AAA bond rating?]

Job loses, fewer small businesses, higher taxes, unregulated on demand abortion, 5 cities with casinos, marijuana ok, dozens of business mandates, [increasing homelessness?] happier illegal aliens, unions, weaponized anti-discrimination, unattainable mandates and expensive tax credits to fight bogus climate change, more 'cause of action' clauses throughout the code and jammed courts. [This year's bills will mean ''Full Employment for Lawyers'']

[Saved the best for last - GOOD NEWS is at the end]

Economic Justice / Labor
* Virginia Values Act - MOAB One of the worst bills of the session.  (HB 1663, SB 868) Creates harsh penalties for discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity – something as simple as calling someone by the wrong pronoun. Penalties start at $50,000 for a first offense and jump to $100,000 for a subsequent offense.
* Public employee collective bargaining; repeals right to work - MOAB (HB 582 / SB 939)
* Minimum wage increase - MOAB regional (SB 7)

Social Justice - Anti-discrimination
* Virginia Values Act [NOT] One of the worst bills of the session. (HB 1663, SB 868 see above)
* Abortion: Removes legal restrictions; (HB 980 / SB 733)
* Multiple hate crime prevention bills, adds SOGI [codifies thought crimes] (HB 276, HB 618, HB 787, SB 179)
* New birth certificate for gender change (HB 1041, SB 657) DMV license may show X for gender (SB 246) Health Insurance Sex Change Coverage, creates new forms of gender.(HB 1429)
* Local governments may remove historical monuments (HB 1537 / SB 183)
* Food stamps may be used in restaurants (HB 1410)
* Parental Rights [destruction] more vaccine mandates (HB 1090)

Energy / Climate Change / Environmental Justice
* Governor's Virginia Clean Economy Act – MOAB Carbon emissions to 0 by 2050 [worse than the new green deal] (HB 1526 / SB 851)
* State, regional, and local planning; must consider impacts from and causes of climate change in adopting a comprehensive plan, regional strategic plan, or zoning ordinance. (HB 672)
* Join RGGI - cap carbon and tax (HB 981, SB 1027)
* Windmills off shore $14 Billion (HB 234, HB 1664, SB 860, SB 998)

* Gas taxes; MOAB - omnibus transportation bill; (HB 1414, SB 890)
* New Central VA Transportation Authority – applies regional taxes (HB 1541)
* Hampton Roads region; gas tax increase (HB 1726)
* NOVA Transit funding; raises the existing regional transportation fee (HB 729)
* Local gov't can levy more taxes – gas, admissions, cigarettes, lodging, meals (repeals currently required referendum SB 588)

Property Rights
* Broadband easements - no provision for constitutional "just compensation"     (HB 831, HB 1271, HB 1280, SB 794)

* National Popular Vote Compact (NPV) - overrides Electoral College (HB 177)
* Repeal Photo ID; if forgot your ID you can sign a paper that you are who you say you are! (HB 19, SB 65)
* Election Day registration (HB 201)
* DMV automatic voter registration (HB 235, SB 219)

2^nd Amendment, Gun Control
* Assault Weapons Ban (HB 961)
* Red Flag bills (HB 674 / SB 240)
* Universal back ground check (HB 2 / SB 70)
* Local gun control; local can impose gun free (killing) zones (HB 421)
* Ban on militias (SB 64)

Criminal Justice Reform
* Early release geriatric prisoners (SB 624)
* Multiple bills easy on criminals
* Much of Northam's [soft on crime] criminal justice reform legislation has been carried over to next year

* Establishment of Obamacare State Healthcare Exchange (HB 1428, SB 732)
* Expanded COPN (higher medical bills) (HB 879, SB 279, SB 764)

* Driver's licenses (driver privilege cards) for illegal aliens (HB 1211 / SB 34 / SB761)
* No cooperation with ICE (HB 1150 / SB 491)
* Office of New Americans [undefined] (HB 1209 / SB 991)
* Instate tuition for illegal aliens (HB 1315, HB 1547, SB935)

Local Government
* Public employee collective bargaining (SB 939)
* State, regional, and local planning; must consider climate change (HB 672)
* Casinos in 5 cities (SB 36)
* New taxing authority; referendum repealed (SB 588)

[There is no free market category - with passage of even half of the mandates and other proposed legislation which will affect business, Virginia will no longer have free markets!]

Copy and paste link for full list:
ttps:// (

Bills that clic-va opposed that are DEAD

* Assisted suicide  Estate Tax
* Elimination of single family Zoning
* Nonunion workers to pay union dues
* Law suits filed to stop implementation of ERA

Bills that clic-va supports that are PASSING
* Restore SCC authority to protect electric ratepayers (HB 1132 / SB 969)
* NO civil asset Forfeiture without conviction (HB 1522
* Dept. of Elections to provide registered voter lists to the courts for jury summons use (HB 500 / SB 466)Electric customers not required to pay for services not used (HB167)
* Eminent Domain citizen protections (Multiple bills​)​
* Steps toward stopping telephone solicitation calls (HB 1244 / SB 812)
* Board of Medical Assistance Services to include telehealth in the state plan for medical assistance (HB1332​)
* ​Nuclear designated as clean energy - 40% of VA energy (SB 549 / SB 817/ SB 828)
* Virtual Virginia available to all public schools (SB 142)
* End suspension of driver's licenses over court costs (SB 1)
* Local government must allow public speaking time in at least 1/2 of meetings (SB 977)
* Solutions for out-of-network / surprise medical billing being considered in both bodies

"Our Standard is the Constitution - for every issue, on very occasion, with no exceptions"

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