Sunday, September 20, 2015

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The results are in…

And last night I won the biggest straw poll of the year.

Traditionally, the straw poll held at the Mackinac Island Republican Leadership Conference has been one of the strongest predictors of who will emerge as the Republican nominee.

In 2007 and 2011, John McCain and Mitt Romney won - and both headed on to victory - in the Republican Primary.

Will you chip in a contribution to help my campaign capitalize on this first place showing?

Robert, with the September 30th FEC reporting deadline just ten days away, building momentum is crucial.

And after a strong debate performance and a win at the Mackinac Island straw poll, I need your help to ensure my message breaks through all the noise in this primary.

You see, the establishment and their pals in the liberal press are trying to diminish my bold agenda.

The media gatekeepers want to direct everyone's attention toward celebrity and bickering between candidates.

My focus has always been on my transformational agenda.

I want to abolish the IRS and slash taxes for all Americans with my 14.5% Fair and Flat Tax Plan.

We need term limits to end the reign of career politicians.

All of ObamaCare MUST be repealed.

And Planned Parenthood MUST be defunded of every dime of taxpayer money.

This doesn't always make me the most popular guy in Washington.

Even members of my own party have opposed my stands to end illegal NSA spying and cut off the flow of your money to Planned Parenthood.

Robert, I'm in this race to break the Washington Machine's grip on power.

For too long, no matter who wins elections -- nothing seems to change.

Republicans take power and the debt balloons and government grows.

But this election gives constitutional conservatives a chance to stop Big Government in its tracks.

And I'm the only candidate with a plan to take our country back.

This race is wide open, and with Hillary Clinton's campaign sagging under the weight of scandal, constitutional conservatives have the best chance in a generation to nominate a candidate who champions of our values.

So help me build on the big win in the Mackinac Island Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll by chipping in a contribution of $20.16 right away.

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In Liberty,

Rand Paul

Paid for by Rand Paul for President

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