Monday, February 27, 2023

The FairTax Act is unfair! SIGN NOW!

Take action to say NO to the House GOP's 30% federal sales tax!
Speak out NOW against the House GOP's 30% federal sales tax!
Take Action Now

Dear Rob,

We already know that our country's tax policies benefit the wealthy and mega-corporations at the expense of working families, women, and people of color—years of upside down policies have shown us that.

And now House Republicans want to hit us again where it hurts: right in our wallets! They've proposed a 30% federal sales tax that would give the wealthy a huge tax cut, raise taxes on working families, and threaten programs like child care, healthcare, and Social Security.

The time to speak out is now!!!

SIGN NOW saying "no" to the GOP's 30% federal sales tax proposal!

The FairTax Act of 2023 is anything but fair! The House GOP's tax plan would abolish the corporate income tax, the individual income tax (which is mostly paid by wealthy Americans), the estate tax (which is exclusively paid by couples worth over $25 million), and payroll taxes (which finance Social Security and parts of Medicare). [1] It would even eliminate the Child Tax Credit—a program we know reduces child poverty and helps our families make ends meet. [2]

In return for this massive tax cut to the wealthy, House Republicans want to enforce a 30% federal sales tax onto everything we buy: groceries, utility bills, healthcare premiums, even cars, rent, and houses. This would be a massive tax shift onto the backs of working families who are already struggling to make ends meet. 

This is another example of the MAGA wing of the Republican Party taking over the House of Representatives. Instead of fighting inflation or solving other problems facing working families like the high cost of child care or lack of paid family/medical leave, House Republicans want to give another huge tax cut to the rich through a 30% national sales tax. In addition to the "FairTax Act," they also are proposing making all the Trump-era tax cuts to mega-corporations and the wealthy permanent. Those Trump era tax giveaways were a bad idea when Trump was a president, and an even worse idea now when we've seen how much Wall Street has profited from the pandemic. [3] 

Speak out against tax policies that benefit the mega-wealthy and big corporations at the expense of our families! 

SIGN OUR LETTER saying "NO" to the GOP's 30% federal sales tax!

The tax policies House Republicans are proposing only lead to further income inequality and a tax code that continues to be sexist and racist. Instead we need tax policies that lift up families– like making the expansion of the Child Tax Credit permanent– and make sure the wealthy and mega-corporations pay their fair share in taxes in order to fund our shared priorities like child care, paid parental/medical leave, and care for the elderly and people with disabilities. 

Join us in continuing to speak out against harmful tax policies. Sign our letter and forward this email to your friends and family so they can sign on as well. 

- Elyssa, Hanna, Donna, Kristin, and the whole & MamásConPoder Team



[1] Americans for Tax Fairness. "Oppose MAGA Republicans 30% National Sales Tax." January 25, 2023.
[2] ITEP. "'Fair Tax' Plan Would Abolish the IRS and Shift Federal Taxes From the Wealthy to the Rest of Us." January 11, 2023
[3] Washington Examiner. "House GOP looks to make Trump tax cuts permanent." February 13, 2023.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2023

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