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Rally Details, More

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Sat 3/4                      Spirit of America Rally
Sat 3/11                    Hanover Governor Candidates Forum
Wed 3/15                 Day of Action (FreedomWorks / Tea Party Patriots)
Thurs 3/16               Freedom Leadership Conference: Violent Mobs ($5)

More than 100 people attended our Monday night showing of Trevor Loudon's Enemies Within. This important film - which documents communist and Islamist penetration of our government - is available here:

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Sat 3/4                      Spirit of America Rally 
(n.b. - there's been some confusion, but there is NO official ATP meet-up in Old Town for this)

From Northern Virginia Tea Party -
Saturday, March 4, 2017 - Noon - DC
Spirit of America Rally - Lafayette Square DC
In support of the Trump Agenda
Rallies across the nation will take place on February 27th at 12:00 pm and March 4th. We expect many more states holding rallies will be added, so check back in a few days if you don't see one near you. If you would like to organize a rally, please email the contact person for your state. If you don't see a state contact, please email us at and put your state and organize in the subject line.
We strongly support President Trump in his effort to put America First and we are holding small rallies to show support for President Trump's policies. Blue collar voters helped propel President Trump to victory and these rallies will help provide those forgotten voices a mechanism so they can be heard.
There was a spontaneous uprising of grassroots activists that voted for President Trump to find a way to let people know that we support his agenda. Unlike those protesting against President Trump's vision, we are a diverse coalition that are the heart and soul of America that wants our nation to fulfill our potential, as the greatest nation on God's green earth!
With high-profile acts of terrorism at home and abroad, with police shootings in the headlines and  police officers dead in the line of duty, the government's first duty to keep the country safe has to be addressed.
The rallies will be positive, patriotic, uplifting, and open to anyone that supports an America First agenda.
Come join us and stand united as one across this great nation and rally in the Spirit of America.
More info about the rallies here.

Washington D.C.

Date: Saturday March 4, 2017
Time: 11:59am
Contact: Robert Sherwood /
Event Page:
Click Here
Location: Lafayette Square
1608 H St NW Washington, DC 20001 (
Click for Map)

Sat 3/11                    Hanover Governor Candidates Forum

You are cordially invited to a
Hanover Republican Governors Forum
Moderated by Heather Sullivan

Saturday, March 11th at 3:00 PM
Life Church
8378 Atlee Rd, Mechanicsville, VA
Sponsored By
Hanover County Republican Committee
Hanover Republican Women's Club
Mechanicsville Tea Party
Patrick Henry Tea Party
College Republicans at Randolph-Macon College


Wed 3/15                 Day of Action (FreedomWorks / Tea Party Patriots)

Rally in Upper Senate Park (next to Russell SOB) 
Followed by Congressional office visits 
Details to follow

From Tea Party Patriots -

Mark your calendar and make your plans to be at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, March 15, 2017! PLEASE SAVE THE DATE!
It's time for the Tea Party to go BACK to Washington, DC. President Trump is working to keep the promises he made on the campaign trail, but he's running into opposition at every turn - from the intolerant leftist Democrats, to the mainstream media, and even some establishment Republicans.
It's time for us to show up again in Washington and remind these politicians that it's time to start enacting the agenda that will make America great again.
Confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch - Repeal Obamacare - Secure the Border - Cut Taxes - Balance the Budget within 5 years.
On March 15th, we're partnering with FreedomWorks to host a grassroots lobbying day on Capitol Hill. Office visits are one of the most effective ways to make our voices heard in Washington, D.C. and to hold our elected officials accountable. The committee hearing for Judge Gorsuch is set for March 20, which increases the importance of us being in DC together making our voices heard on March 15. 
I want to make sure it's clear - we will hold a rally, but the major focus of our action for this day is to act as citizen lobbyists and visit Members' offices in person. Wouldn't it be great if we could flood their offices with supporters of the President's nominees and agenda? If there is even a small possibility that you can make it to D.C. for this day of action, please do whatever you can to be there. Remember, when we show up, we win!!
If you need anymore inspiration to show up on March 15th, take a look at this article about how local Democratic parties are swelling with new members and excitement1, and check out the "resistance" website, complete with events they are holding in your area2. The LEFT is showing up and it's time for us to show up in even greater numbers!
Save the date and we will send additional details as soon as they are available.
I'm showing up!
Jenny Beth

Thurs 3/16               Freedom Leadership Conference: Violent Mobs ($5)

Freedom Leadership Conference Presents:

Violent Mobs: Follow the Money: Who Pays? What do they Want?

Co-Sponsored by
Capitol Research Center
Additional Speakers and Sponsors to be Announced.
Learn More.  Take a Stand.  Attend the Conference. Come join us

Thursday, March 16, 2016 7pm - 9pm
Cost: $5.00 Entry Fee to defray our costs.
Wingate by Wyndham Chantilly / Dulles Airport 
3940 Centerview Dr.
Chantilly, VA 20151

Freedom Leadership Conference
Due to Limited Seating, advance registration required for admission.  First Come first Served.
The Freedom Leadership Conference has been sponsored by over 70 of the leading conservative cause, patriotic, anti-tax and national defense organizations in America for nearly 20 years.  It changed from an annual conference to a several times a year conference in Northern Virginia starting three years ago.  Each conference is sponsored ($500) or co-sponsored ($250) by an organization which provides the main speakers.

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    What started as House Speaker Paul Ryan trying to strong-arm a top-secret Obamacare replacement plan through Congress in the next three weeks has turned into a total and complete clusterfuck.

    This is just indescribably ridiculous.

    If you remember, the secret draft plan was supposed to be locked in a secret room where only House Republicans on the health subcommittee were allowed to see it. It was being treated like the most sensitive national security intelligence document ever.

    Until Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee found the room, which was being guarded—I am not kidding—by Capitol Hill Police. That galvanized Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who had been on a lengthy tweeting tirade against Ryan's tactic, into action -- he went to the room!!!

    When he got there, the drama intensified—he was denied entry! Paul holds an impromptu press conference because of course the press flocked to the secret room to see the action. But wait! The bill isn't there! Even Republicans who are allowed into the room aren't able to find it.

    As of press time, the Republican plan is on the lam and no one knows exactly what’s in it, or why it has to be classified.

    But some of us suspect it might be their elusive plan from 2009.