Thursday, March 2, 2017

The secret health care plan they're hiding

Last night, we learned that House leadership has a new version of their Obamacare repeal bill. They just don't want people like you and me to see it.
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Robert --

Last night, we learned that House leadership has a new version of their Obamacare repeal bill. They just don't want people like you and me to see it.

This is no coincidence. At last week's town hall meetings, members of Congress saw firsthand how much their constituents dislike the idea of dismantling a law that's helped tens of millions get quality -- even life-saving -- health care.

So to avoid public outcry from the people they were elected to represent, members of Congress are hiding their plan to repeal Obamacare behind a literal closed door. News outlets are reporting that some legislators will gather in a guarded basement room on Capitol Hill today to review a "secret draft" of the bill.

Congressional leaders know that a repeal bill won't be well received by the public. The last time that their own nonpartisan analysts in the Congressional Budget Office reviewed their plan, they said it would strip health insurance from millions, cause premiums to double, and generally make health insurance worse for American families. The fact that members of Congress are now keeping their latest plan a secret is nothing if not blatantly obvious that they know it won't score any better.

Any bill affecting millions of Americans' health care should receive a CBO score before any vote.

Any health care plan should go through an open, transparent review process that allows patients, doctors, and other stakeholders to provide their feedback. Rushing this secret sham of a plan through the legislative process is unacceptable.

Speak up now if you agree that congressional leaders should release their secret plan.

Paul Ryan and the current leadership in Congress have had seven years to come up with a viable replacement plan. So far, every idea that Obamacare's opponents have presented would cover fewer people and shift costs onto American consumers. With millions of families depending on this law, rushing through any sort of repeal bill -- especially in secret, without giving the public any details about who stands to lose critical coverage, or whose plans will significantly change -- is dangerously cruel.

Congressional leaders are hoping that they can rush this bill through before the American people realize what a disaster it is. They're counting on us not paying attention. Let's show them how wrong they really are.

Speak out -- demand that congressional leaders release their secret plan.

Speak out


Jack Shapiro
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