Monday, March 27, 2017

Health Policy Expert Explains What Went Wrong with Ryancare

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Happy Monday!

With Speaker Paul Ryan pulling the Obamacare repeal bill on Friday, my interview with this registered public health nurse was timely, as she explains so much!

Twila Brase is a certified public health nurse and the cofounder and president of the Citizens' Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) in St. Paul, Minnesota.

In this video interview, Twila explains:
  • What Obamacare has done in seven years to health insurance, insurance providers, doctors, patients and more;
  • Why RyanCare was destined to fail on policy alone;
  • The harm to President Donald Trump's momentum if it had succeeded and been shown to NOT be genuine repeal;
  • Her "wedge of health freedom," and more.

By late last week, the Republican leadership had stopped arguing policy and started using brute force and tactics that alienate those wanting to argue policy.

Last week: Trevor Loudon on who is behind the Trump resistance.

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P.S. BOOM: Judge Jeanine Pirro has an eye-popping reaction to the health care bill going down last week. Watch this six-minute video here. Another valuable piece is here.

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