Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fool me once on healthcare... shame on you


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Fellow Patriots,

Obama fooled us on healthcare

That fact is no surprise. We were fooled and shame on them for doing so. 

But as the saying goes... fool me twice, shame on me. In this case (with Paul Ryan), shame on us

For years Paul Ryan and crew peddled a promise to repeal Obamacare. Not amend it. Not repeal and replace. No, they promised a full repeal. 

In fact, they passed a clean full repeal on multiple occasions. And they can do so now as well. They know it and we know it. 

But that's not what they intend to do. What they intend to do is literally kick the can down the road to avoid having to answer to the angry left politically. Well, and to avoid having to answer to the big healthcare industry that bankrolls their campaigns, of course. 

So the question is... are we going to allow ourselves to be fooled again?

I certainly hope not. Because our nation cannot afford this madness any longer. And if Paul Ryan gets his way we're in big, big trouble. 

LibertyNEWS has a range of stories we believe wil help cut through the clutter on what is really going on. We hope you'll read these, leave comments and share them. 

++ The first is a story written by Steve Elliott. This is a huge story that includes an action alert you might want to consider taking part in this week. 

A massive faxfire campaign designed to light up Congressional offices with a demand for a full clean repeal. 

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Keep up the fight and have a great weekend!

-Jenna Bargas

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