Monday, March 13, 2017

24 million people

The new repeal bill just got graded, and this is how it's expected to impact Americans:
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Robert --

Today, after weeks of congressional committees flying blind towards repealing Obamacare -- the nonpartisan analysts in the Congressional Budget Office released their score of congressional leaders' Obamacare repeal bill. They reported that 24 million fewer people will be covered if Obamacare opponents' repeal bill becomes law.

This office (the CBO) goes through every major piece of legislation with a fine-toothed comb. What they found confirms our worst suspicions about the rush to repeal: By phasing out Medicaid expansion and cutting other crucial subsidies, Obamacare opponents will take away critical -- sometimes life-saving -- care that Americans all over the country depend on for their health.

Simply put, that's unacceptable.

Covering 24 million fewer people under this new plan is irresponsible and cruel. Say so -- speak up now.

The new administration has called this an "opportunity to increase coverage" and repeatedly promised that repealing Obamacare will leave "no one worse off financially." They've even claimed that they want everybody to have health care. But today's numbers are proof they plan to break all of their promises.

Any health care bill going through Congress should cover more people, and give them better coverage -- not take it away. It's that simple.

This repeal bill is a major step backward, and it's one that we can't stand for. Speak out against it now.

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