Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What? A plan? That is not a plan.

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Robert --

Last night, House leaders introduced their bill to repeal Obamacare.

Simply put, it is unacceptable. It will slash the financial assistance that millions need to afford health insurance. It effectively ends the Medicaid expansion that allowed working families and millions more kids, seniors, and disabled Americans to finally have access to health care. The bill will drive up consumer costs, forcing families to pay more for less -- and will once again leave Americans with chronic illnesses at the mercy of insurance companies.

This is not a plan.

Call out the recklessness of these leaders in Congress -- sign the petition now.

Regardless of the colossal disaster that would result from this bill, congressional leaders are still trying to rush it through -- trying to force the first votes on it before Congress' own non-partisan analysts have a chance to calculate the damage it would cause.

That's because they know if the American people find out how embarrassingly inadequate this replacement attempt is, they wouldn't be able to show their faces from the shame. Americans will end up losing coverage under this bill -- period.

They have broken every single promise they made. Covering more people? No. Better coverage? Nope. People with pre-existing conditions protected? Not likely -- with new penalties for gaps in coverage and the removal of policies that keep more healthy people in the insurance market, they can't guarantee it.

This scheme is irresponsible and cruel. People's health care isn't a political game -- there are lives on the line here. We cannot let congressional leadership rush through a bill that rips health coverage away from millions of people without a heck of a fight.

Speak up now.

Take the first step in joining this fight right now by signing OFA's petition to protect Obamacare.

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  1. In a letter to Congress, the AARP states a 64-year old making $15,000 a year could face health insurance premiums of up to $8,400 under the GOP House healthcare bill.

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    In a letter to Congress, the AARP states a 64-year old making $15,000 a year could face health insurance premiums of up to $8,400 under the GOP House healthcare bill. Steven Dennis highlights part of the letter in the following tweet.

    A regularly employed person earning $15,000 a year would pay $1,147.50 in FICA taxes leaving $13,852.50 before any other deductions if the employer did not provide a health plan. Not only would this person have to forego a flagship smartphone, he or she would also have to give up utilities, shelter, clothing and transportation.

    That $454.38 average monthly income after premiums wouldn’t be enough for food and any deductibles or prescription copays if the 64-year old has a condition that needs ongoing treatment. But it’s all about lowering costs and offering choices like whether to put a roof over your head or pay your insurance premiums and which canned cat food tastes the best, the Ocean Whitefish or the Chicken in Real Gravy.