Tuesday, February 28, 2017

For fired-up moms looking to #KeepMarching!

Start a #KeepMarching Circle

Dear Rob,

Fired up and ready to do more? Start a MomsRising #KeepMarching Circle!

Help lead the fight against Donald Trump's destructive agenda!

Full stop. Important question for you: Want to start a MomsRising #KeepMarching Circle? 

*Click this link and we’ll back you up with organizing resources, special access to MomsRising staff, and more: 


What’s the lowdown?

I've been organizing in one way or another since I was 19. Two children and a marriage of two decades later, I've been blown away by the recent groundswell of grassroots activism happening right now starting with the Women's March. 

Millions of women participated...Make no mistake, the passion and commitment of women and mothers, who make the vast majority of healthcare, consumer and education decisions in our nation, are driving this new engagement as they watch in horror the decisions being made by the President and his allies in Congress.

We’ve been hearing from MomsRising members and volunteers across the nation who want to do more! So if you’re fired up in defense of families, communities and our country, and are ready to gather your family, friends and neighbors to stand strong against hate & for policies that lift us all, then MomsRising is here for you!

Ready to help lead the charge in the fight to resist President Trump's destructive agenda? Sign up to be a MomsRising #KeepMarching Circle leader now: 


#KeepMarching Circles give form and function to what you are looking to do or may even be doing already: Meeting with others to talk about current events, strategize about and what can be done to lift our communities and country; sharing your anger and disgust and emailing around to each other petitions and actions to sign; gathering for postcard parties and attending town hall meetings together; swapping meeting agendas, and more.

There’s a lot to do, and it’s often the most fun and easiest to do it with a group of people as well as an organization that shares your values supporting you. MomsRising wants to be that organization.

When you sign up to be a #KeepMarching Circle Leader, you will be added to a secret Facebook group, where you can share information and compare notes with other #KeepMarching Leaders across the country. If you're looking for actions, you will be among the first to know about MomsRising's activities across all our campaigns and how you can help. We’ll also post sample agendas and action toolkits for you to use. Finally, you will have more direct and immediate access to MomsRising resources and staff, who will also be members of this Facebook group.

Sign up to be a MomsRising #KeepMarching Circle leader now: http://action.momsrising.org/signup/MRKeepMarchingCircles/?t=9&akid=8845.847037.DkwTUD

Starting a #KeepMarching Circle is a fun and effective way to make a difference, and MomsRising makes it super easy for you.

For example, as a first step, we suggest you organize a meetup on advocacy and organizing. MomsRising recently held a #KeepMarching Telephone Town Hall meeting, where we shared our favorite tactics and tips (and we’ll give you a toolkit to use for your meeting). People loved it! Here are a few reviews:

Belinda said: “This was such an awesome event. So informative! I LOVE how this group is engaging and productive and family-centered. Thank you so much!”

Marianne said: “It was a great call. So much great information!”

Marni said: "One of the best and most helpful calls I've been on, and I've been on A LOT of them lately. Love the idea about the legislative processes for the next call. Thank you for all you are doing!"

The entire conversation was recorded, so at your first meetup, your group can listen to the recording, while following along with the downloadable toolkit, #KeepMarching: MomsRising Advocacy and Organizing Tactics and Tips. Afterwards, your group can decide your focus, develop a message, and begin discussing how you can work together to maximize your impact. Easy!

We give you access to the recording and toolkit right away after you sign up to be a MomsRising #KeepMarching Circle leader. Sign up now.

Thank you for all you do.

It is our pleasure and honor to be on this journey with you – together, we are powerful!

-- Kristin, Gloria, Donna, Nate and the entire MomsRising.org team


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