Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The vote for the Republicans' ObamaCare replacement bill is scheduled for late tomorrow. As much as we want to support our new President, the 'American Health Care Act' is, at best, 'ObamaCare Lite' and, at worst, the 'GOP Disaster Of 2017!'  Thankfully, our Congressman, Rob Wittman has vowed to vote against it! It could bolster his resolve to let him know you appreciate his valid, bold stand by calling his office at (202) 225-4261.  As Neil Gorsuch recently testified, a judge decides a case on the law before him. Our Congressmen should likewise vote on the law before them - not something that may become tolerable at some time in the future if and when Phase 2 and 3 are passed. If the Republican leadership believes they can get the votes necessary to pass Phase 2 and 3 at some time in the future, let them put all of the phases together in a winning bill that we can support RIGHT NOW! 

Call Congressman Wittman's office at (202) 225-4261 to let him know you want him to oppose this BAD bill!

It is far better to have no bill than to have the BAD bill that's being voted on now!  Republicans have had time to get this right! Rushing a BAD bill through the legislature with the promise that it will get fixed later is wishful-thinking fantasy!

 Thank you for helping maintain our Republic! 

 ~ Sue Sherrill
Middle Peninsula Tea Party

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@RobWittman Thank you for opposing the #AHCA!  #VoteNo on the GOP's #BadBill! #GetItRight! 

"In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock."  T. Jefferson

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