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The Enthusiasm Gap


Forget the Spending Gap; It's the Enthusiasm Gap that Matters
- by Adam Brandon via TheBlaze

Karl Rove is worried.

In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, he laments the fact that Democrats have outspent Republicans by more than $20 million in this year’s Senate elections.

“[T]he Democrats’ summer ad blitz,” Rove writes, “in which they spent $58 million to the GOP’s $54.4 million, dented some Republican candidates but failed to convince people to vote for Democrats, especially beleaguered incumbents. They’re stuck where they were at the summer’s start, and whatever damage Republican campaigns suffered can be repaired, given adequate money.” Read more here...

Our Economy's Real Problem: The Fed's Easy Money
- by Matt Kibbe via Investor's Business Daily

Americans know that there is a serious problem in the economy. Incomes are stagnant, and the employment situation is not improving in a meaningful way.

In fact, according to new Census data, average American incomes remained virtually unchanged in 2013 and were actually 7% lower than in 2007 after adjusting for inflation.

And yet, GDP continues to rise, and we are assured by the administration that the economy is in recovery. So what's really going on here? A look at the data is revealing. Read more here...

On Halloween, Dems will be Haunted by Their ObamaCare Pasts
- by Logan Albright

There’s been considerable speculation over whether ObamaCare would manifest itself as a major election issue this year, in light of the media’s focus on Ebola and the turmoil in the Middle East. Well, any doubt that ObamaCare still matters can be put to rest, with the announcement that 13 states and the District of Columbia will be sending out hundreds of thousands of insurance cancellation notices by the end of October, mere days before the November 4th elections.

This has got to be worrying for Senate Democrats up for reelection, whose support for the Affordable Care Act that is the cause of these cancellations will surely not resonate well with voters. Read more here...

NC Activists for Mark Walker
- by Allen Page

Activists in North Carolina are gearing up for November! This week we put out yard signs in Walnut Cove, NC for Mark Walker. He's running in the 6th district to fill Congressman Howard Coble's old seat. Check out some of the pictures here! See more here...


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The CDC's Mission Creep: A Dangerous and Wasteful Distraction
- by Josh Withrow

As Ebola and other emerging diseases continue to dominate our headlines, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to be America's front line of defense against the outbreak of a devastating epidemic. However, the agency has stumbled, and an examination of its activities reveal an institution often more focused upon advancing progressive social priorities and nanny-state interventions than simply performing well at its one intended job. Read more here...

Freedom Art: Simply America
- by Frances Byrd

Simply America is the creative endeavor of Michael Prescott, who has been a long-standing member of Liberatchik and supporter of our efforts to build an art movement designed to #TakeBackOurCulture.

Micheal's videos are infused with a heartfelt pride in America and the people who make our nation great. Through his videos at Simply America, Michael attempts to tell the story of the American people in their own words. For too long, those of us outside the Hollywood and Beltway elite have been looked down upon and demeaned. It is Michael's hope that he can give the American people their voice; unscripted, without judgment, and from the heart. Read more here...


More Americans say ObamaCare is Hurting Their Families
- by Jason Pye

President Barack Obama believes that if he repeats the lie often enough, people will start to believe it. He's made endless overtures in which he repeats the refrain that ObamaCare is "working pretty well in the real world."

Well, despite what President Obama and his apologists say, the public just isn't buying it. More than ever before, Americans say that ObamaCare has hurt their families, according to a poll released by Gallup on Wednesday. The data show that 27 percent of Americans say that the law has hurt their families, up from 19 percent at the beginning of the year. Read more here...

Top Ten Reasons to Let the Export-Import Bank Expire
by Josh Withrow

1. It Has Outlived Its Purpose The Ex-Im Bank was founded 80 years ago by FDR to promote U.S. manufacturing during the Great Depression. Meanwhile, in the 2010s, U.S. exports have been setting record highs – they don’t need government help.

2. It Lets Government Pick Winners and Losers Although Ex-Im claims to pick its recipients in a neutral manner, the reality is that political pressures strongly affect who receives its financial backing. For example, in 2009 the Obama administration gave Ex-Im a “green energy” quota for a portion of its loans. Read more here...

Chinese Immigrant Against Common Core
by Lily Williams

When I was growing up under Mao’s regime in China, we were told to chant everyday in the government run public schools, “Long Live Chairman Mao, Long Live Communist Party.” We were required to write in our dairies every day and turn them in for teachers to review. In the dairies, we were supposed to confess our incorrect thoughts to Mao or do self criticism, or report anything bad we heard or saw from other students, family, and friends. We would memorize Mao’s Quotations and recite them aloud during class. 

We all truly believed in Mao and Communism because we were completely indoctrinated and did not have any other information. We had nationalized curriculum and tests, one of the subjects we had to study was Politics (Communist Party’s history, Karl Marxism, Mao Zedong Thought, etc.). Our teachers had to comply with all the curriculum and testing requirements, or lose their jobs forever. Parents had no choice at all when it came to what we learned in school. Read more here...

Here's How the Internet Sales Tax Bill Would Crush Entrepreneurs
by Julie Borowski via Rare

Tax-free online shopping could become a thing of the past.

Notable Senate Republicans and Democrats are determined to push through an Internet sales tax right after the mid-term elections. Like so many bills that have nice sounding names, the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act would raise taxes on customers and be a nightmare for budding entrepreneurs.

As it currently stands, out of state online purchases are tax free. It’s not necessary to pay sales taxes on items that you buy online unless you’re purchasing it from a company with a physical presence in your state, such as a store or a distribution center. Read more here...

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