Monday, October 13, 2014

Pelosi is Plotting


Robert, I need your help. Right now.

FreedomWorks for America is in the middle of a crucial fundraising drive to make sure Nancy Pelosi isn’t Speaker of the House again.

I know these guys. They’re the best in the business, and their grassroots network is second to none. If any group will make sure Nancy Pelosi never gets the Speaker’s Gavel, it’s them.

They have thousands of activists working around the clock to stop Pelosi. They’re ready to keep fighting. But Robert, they’re counting on you. Will you please donate $5 to help the final push and elect real conservatives?

I mean this sincerely: I wish FreedomWorks for America was around when I ran for president.

Their activists are dedicated to restoring the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. They won’t stand for liberal Republicans who refuse to fight. And FreedomWorks for America will never back down when it comes to fighting for the values you and I believe in.

That’s why they’re supporting real conservatives that can win. Candidates like Clint Didier, Marilinda Garcia, Bruce Poliquin, Rod Blum, Mia Love, Tom McClintock, and Dan Bongino. These liberty champions will make sure Democrats stay in the minority.

Will you help elect conservatives with a donation of $5 right now?

Robert, the Obama Administration is out of control. If Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats take back the House, this country is in real trouble.

You remember what it was like the last time Pelosi was Speaker. She rammed through ObamaCare, Common Core, the Stimulus, and bailouts for her buddies.

FreedomWorks for America is backing real conservative candidates that share our values. But if they’re going to win, they need your help right now.

Please, donate $5 right now to make sure Nancy Pelosi is never Speaker of the House.

In Liberty,

Steve Forbes


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