Thursday, October 16, 2014

A tipping point

Organizing for Action
Robert --

We're reaching a tipping point for Obamacare.

When the marketplaces open up again on November 15th, we have a real chance to make health care reform a lasting success.

Let's be honest -- if that's going to happen, OFA supporters like you need to be part of it.

Today, all we ask is that you make a simple commitment to do your part to spread the word in the months to come.

Last spring, supporters pledged more than half a million volunteer hours to this cause. That last grassroots push in the final weeks of the enrollment period coincided with millions more people signing up for coverage.

There are still tens of millions of Americans who need to get covered. From here on out, all of these folks get a window each year to sign up.

The next enrollment period starts on November 15th.

We're not asking for all your free time on this -- just that you say you'll do some small part to spread the word, or help a friend or neighbor find out how to get the coverage they need.

Robert: Will you make the pledge today to do your part for Obamacare?



Jon Carson
Executive Director
Organizing for Action

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