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October 17th, Update from the Alexandria Tea Party

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Update from ATP: 





Trevor Loudon Documentary Project


From Trevor Loudon's staff in reference to a documentary based on his book "The Enemies Within":


Greetings Patriots,


Thank you for your individual and group support of Trevor Loudon as he has toured the country for the last two years speaking about the communists, socialists and progressives in our government.

As Trevor has mentioned to many of you, this is a link to the IndieGoGo crowd-sourcing campaign to raise funds for the documentary that will be filmed in 2015, "The Enemies Within".  We need to raise $100,000 by October 31, 2014 to allow us to begin production and to free Trevor's time for the project.



I hope that you took the opportunity to see UNFAIR Movie last night in theaters around the country. The producer, director and executive director of this powerful film will be the same team producing Trevor's film. Order copies of the DVD to show at your meetings or give to friends.


2015 speaking and tour plans:


To allow Trevor the necessary time to focus on movie production, we are seeking larger events to book him into for speaking engagements.  Please contact me with information regarding freedom festivals, liberty conferences, symposiums on immigration, common core, national security, etc.  You have seen the reaction of your audiences to his presentation and know where is voice needs to be heard.


Please pass this information and the IndieGoGo link to your personal and organization contacts. Trevor is also available to speak with media through November 5th, with scheduling through myself.  I can also be contacted for details regarding investment opportunities in the movie.


In Liberty,


Regina Thomson

President, Colorado Issues Coalition


Talent Manager
Author - Trevor Loudon



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Virginia Tea Party Patriots Annual Conference

Virginia Tea Party Patriots Annual Conference will be held 21-23 November this year. Save the date, we'll push out more information on location, agenda, and registration when we receive it!


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Article V of the Constitution Convention Forum


Please SAVE THE DATE for a very important event on the Article V con con. I have assembled a group of expert panelists who will share facts with you. Some of you are for this, some are confused, some have never heard of it, and some oppose. Come with any questions you may have. Feel free to video tape it and take photos during the Forum. These speakers/panel members encourage it.

After attending this Forum, I hope you will not be on the fence, rather find you must support or must oppose an Article V convention. The panel members will travel to NoVA from three states and other parts of Virginia. 


So please save Monday, December 8 at 6:30 PM to attend this very special evening. Details of the program are getting worked out in the next few weeks. I tried hard to get this on a weekend because I am expecting guests from all parts of Va and some legislators too, but sadly it didn't work out.


Thank you!


Sevil Kalayci,


Chapter Leader, Virginia Liberty Project





Items of Interest

1. From Tea Party Patriots:

Mark Warner: The Deciding Vote for Obamacare

Virginia Patriots,


Senator Mark Warner was the deciding vote for Obamacare and he continues to do everything he can to protect it. He even voted to shutdown the government to protect Obamacare.

This law has never been popular with the American people and now we're seeing its impact. Hard working Americans are losing their jobs, losing work hours, losing their insurance, losing their doctors, and seeing their insurance premiums sky rocket. This law is wreaking havoc on the American economy and it's time to put a stop to it!

Look at our new ad about Mark Warner. Spread this around to your friends. They need to know that he is personally responsible for this "train wreck."



Click to Watch


Call Mark Warner today (202) 224-2023 and tell him to stop spending money on Obamacare!

Thank you!

Tea Party Patriots National Support Team


PS. Did you know that with your help, over the last two weeks we have connected over 1 million calls into Congressional offices? Keep up the good work! You can help us continue the fight by giving a generous donation today! Your donation will go towards placing ads like these so more eyes see them!


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2. New from Tea Party Patriots: Legislative Updates and News Briefs

See them now at: 


3. 'Rock the Wall' music documentaryDVD release coming on 11/4 


4. Idea - hand out Constitutions with Halloween candy.  Constitutions available from Heritage and CATO.


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1. Remembering 9/11/2001 - "This video & song honors those who served and those who gave their lives during this shocking time in America's history."  The video is well-done and very moving. It contains lots of footage from that awful day.

2. "The Stealth Emergence of Neo-Communism in the U.S." 





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