Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Robert, be incredible:

Organizing for Action
Robert --

Last spring, you helped make history.

More than 7 million Americans enrolled in a private health insurance plan on the marketplace. And OFA supporters played a pivotal role, dedicating more than 500,000 volunteer hours for the final push.

That's incredible -- and I think we can do even better this time around. Millions of people still need to get covered, and the next enrollment period starts exactly one month from today.

Do this one thing right now: Make the pledge today to do your part for Obamacare.

This doesn't have to be about signing away all of your time. We're just asking you to pitch in a little bit to spread the word about why getting covered is so important.

That could mean volunteering your time at an event hosted by our coalition partners. It could mean taking a few minutes to share some key enrollment information with a friend who needs to get covered. You could write a letter to the editor, or pass along a powerful video of an amazing Obamacare success story.

However you help, it adds up fast. Together, it makes a huge impact.

OFA supporters were on the front lines of this fight last time, and you better believe we'll be there again this November.

Team Obamacare needs you. Will you make the pledge to help?



Sara El-Amine
National Organizing Director
Organizing for Action

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