Monday, October 27, 2014

One Week Out



In 8 days we can finally hold Obama accountable for his lawless actions. In 8 Days we can stop his radical agenda. Our country is facing a lot of important policy battles next year, and you and I can’t let Obama legislate with no accountability.

That’s why we have to win this Election Day! That’s why, with just one week to go, we can’t stop fighting. And that’s why we have to Fire Harry Reid as Majority Leader.

But the only way we have a chance of taking the Senate is if we raise $100,000 before Election Day. I know you want Harry Reid gone. And I know you want the Democrats out of power. The only question left is: Will you donate $5 right now to make it happen?

My campaign team told me that if we can raise $100,000, we can reach 1.96 million key voters in Arkansas, Louisiana, Alaska, Iowa, and Colorado with GOTV messages in the critical days ahead. These voters will decide if Democrats keep control of the Senate. They will decide whether or not Harry Reid is still in charge. We have ads ready and we’ve already begun deploying them in key states. These hard-hitting ads are already having a big impact on voters. But if we’re going to keep them live and reach 1.96 million voters, if we’re going to win, if we ARE going to FIRE Harry Reid, then we’re depending on you Robert. Will you give $5 today to help fire Harry Reid?

You know the damage Obama and Harry Reid have done to our country: trillions in national debt, TARP, the Stimulus, Common Core, and ObamaCare. We can’t let them continue to fundamentally transform our country. We have to hold them accountable. And that means firing red-state Democrats who voted for ObamaCare. Mark Pryor: Fired; Mark Begich: Gone; Mary Landrieu: Goodbye; Mark Udall: Relieved of duty; Bruce Braley: Sayonara. Robert, we’re 8 days from the election and we need your support. Will you help us take the Senate and Fire Harry Reid?

If we take the Senate, we can finally hold Obama accountable.  That’s right: we can hold him accountable for his lawless Administration: ObamaCare, Benghazi, NSA Spying, Fast and Furious. Once and for all, we can hold Obama accountable for everything his administration has done. But we can only take the Senate if you donate $5 today.

In Liberty,

Matt Kibbe


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