Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Team Obamacare needs you, Diane

Organizing for Action
Diane --

The other side is good at scaring people about Obamacare.

And they've shown they're willing to spend millions to convince people not to sign up for Obamacare.

That's what we're up against when the health insurance marketplace opens again on November 15th.

It'll be all hands on deck to spread the truth and help people get covered.

Diane, we just want to know you're on board to fight back -- say you'll do your part for Obamacare this fall.

Team Obamacare needs you.

The law's opponents have a rough case to make.

The numbers are in, and they point toward one conclusion: Obamacare worked. Better coverage at lower prices for millions of Americans isn't just a goal anymore -- it's actually happening.

That's why the enrollment period that starts on November 15th will be a turning point in this debate -- and it will be an opportunity for people who still need to get covered to find a health plan. For millions of uninsured Americans, this is our chance to make a big impact.

And if we do our jobs, we can shut down the naysayers pretty resoundingly.

However you can help, say you'll do your part this fall:




Caleb Gardner
Deputy Digital Director
Organizing for Action

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