Sunday, October 19, 2014

Call to Action - Ebola Travel Ban

alexandria tea party

Two Alexandria Tea Partiers in healthcare are asking everyone to

We are asking everyone to call your representatives at the federal and state level, as well as other elected officials (Republican and Democrat - contact info below).


Dear Fellow Citizens,


The deadly Ebola virus has come to America.  Despite the public outcry, the Obama administration has refused to halt travel from West African countries, which are in the throes of the most deadly Ebola epidemic in history. Thus far, the Obama administration and our federal public health agencies -  the CDC and NIH - have been extraordinarily incompetent, evasive and unaccountable in their handling of this crisis. This is a very serious threat to our health, national security and economy. The few cases we have had have resulted in school and business closures, financial disruption, and panic.


As nonpartisan physicians have clearly explained, the only effective way of fighting Ebola is ISOLATION.

Over thirty countries in Africa and elsewhere have banned travel from West Africa. If we allow the administration to continue willfully allowing the spread of the disease, we are risking a pandemic here in the U.S. It is only a matter of time as at least 150 people are arriving daily from W.Africa. And the number of visas being approved has risen since August.


We are asking everyone to call your federal and state representatives, other elected officials, and party leaders to demand that:

  • Congress convene immediately to pass legislation for a travel ban of noncitizens from Ebola-stricken countries as well as an immediate suspension of all visa approvals from West Africa until this crisis is resolved
  • Automatic quarantine of all individuals coming from West African countries
  • Congress demand that government officials be competent and capable in crisis management and bio terror. Tom Frieden needs to be fired and replaced ASAP for his incompetence and double-speak to the American people regarding this crisis. 
  • All travel to West Africa from the United States be banned until further notice. The media and humanitarian groups can work out their plans with federal government.
  • Demand our military being put into the "hot zone" be recalled and quarantined until we are sure they are not carrying Ebola. In the alternative, our troops should have proper protection and training to avoid being infected.
  • All elected representatives - including Democrats - should publicly demand accountability by the Obama administration and all government agencies regarding Ebola and other public health threats, including enterovirus D68.

Contact information for representatives: (delegates) (Senators)

Governor McAuliffe office: 804-786-2211


Thank you!


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