Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Krauthammer Decodes Obamacare Enrollment Numbers - News from

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Firewire from THE BLAZE April 02, 2014
'Dry Run' of a Domestic Terror Attack Or Something Worse?
In mid-February, a former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission told the Wall Street Journal that the sabotage of a California transformer substation was "the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred." The words of warning ignited a flurry of news reports across the nation about the potential terrorism dry run. See details and photos of the "dry run" HERE.
Good Samaritan Stunned by Reaction to Saving Cop's Life
After a police officer was shot in the abdominal area, a woman at a Brampton, Toronto, courthouse sprang into action to save his life. But some of the comments onlookers allegedly directed toward her for her heroic act are disturbing. Read about the controversy HERE.

A Georgia soldier first tried to reason with his teen daughter. He warned her that there would be consequences if she failed to keep her room clean. For whatever reason, the girl did not heed her father's words. When she returned home from school on Monday, she found… well, see for yourself HERE.

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New Fast-Charge Solar Generator Comes With Massive "Fighter Pilot" Battery!

(Must Be Seen To Be Believed) Originally designed so fighter-pilots could literally fly upside down in combat, this remarkable battery was a breakthrough for military aircraft where extreme power, light weight, steadfast reliability and proven safety under extreme conditions were a life-saving necessity. The very same technology can help you and your family survive any blackout, brownout or power outage.​

While it is perfectly legal to openly carry a rifle in Texas, police reportedly arrested Henry Vichique, 19, under a local ordinance that apparently prohibits residents from carrying a loaded rifle or shotgun within city limits. The incident started out as a calm and reasonable conversation but ended dramatically with cops tasing the man before they put him into handcuffs. See the video of the encounter captured by the gun owner HERE.

A New York woman died last month after making the ultimate sacrifice for her unborn baby girl — delaying cancer treatment and forging on with her pregnancy. She and her husband Max chose to delay the much-needed medical care in an effort to protect their unborn baby girl. Read more about the heroic choice HERE.

President Barack Obama announced an "enrollment" total of 7,041,000 on Tuesday during a press conference, heralding it as proof that the Affordable Care Act is a success and here to stay. But a secretive study from the RAND Corporation begs to differ, suggesting the numbers may be more than a hair off. Delve into the iffy stats from the report HERE.
Krauthammer: 2 Things to Consider Amid WH Sign-Up Celebrations
It's no secret that conservative author and commentator Charles Krauthammer is skeptical of the Affordable Care Act and its architects. And it appears that the White House's victory lap Tuesday over the millions of people said to have signed up for health insurance coverage under the law has only reinforced his distrust for Obamacare. See the two things that Krauthammer finds suspect HERE.
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You wouldn't know it by this picture, but Cheryl Lindsay has a skin pigment condition known as vitiligo. See the video of Cheryl removing her makeup HERE.

Finally, One of Nature's Biggest Questions Answered…
Though there have been enormous advances in scientific observations about nature over the years and while many questions still remain, scientists think they can file one away as "answered". The big question?... Why does a zebra have stripes? Learn the scientific explanaton HERE.
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