Friday, April 4, 2014

Weekly Update from Senator Tim Scott



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Strengthening America’s Energy Independence

On Wednesday, I introduced a bill that would serve five very important purposes: create jobs, strengthen America’s energy independence, encourage STEM education, offer veterans job training, and help lower energy prices for low-income families.

The SEA Jobs Act, or Southern Energy Access Jobs Act, would pave the way for responsible offshore energy production, as well as providing access to job training for veterans, creating partnerships for STEM education between industry, state universities, and HBCU’s, and dedicating 10% of all new federal revenues to paying down our deficit. 


We have seen how control of energy production can affect national security with the situation in Ukraine. For too long, we have been dangerously reliant on other countries for our energy needs—it’s time to start developing the resources we have right here at home. 

Read more about the SEA Jobs Act here.


Restoring the 40-Hour Workweek

This week, I introduced an amendment that will restore the 40-hour workweek. The Obamacare employer mandate currently requires employers to provide health insurance to full-time employees and makes the new definition of a “full-time” employee as one working 30 hours per work week.


As a result, many employers are cutting hours for employees to fewer than 30 hours per week—effectively cutting their pay by 25%.  For families who are already working hard to make ends meet, this can be devastating. 

For this reason, my amendment will restore the definition of a full week’s work to 40 hours, and help get people back into full time jobs.


Strengthening Our Federal Workforce Training
Right now in America, 4 million jobs are sitting empty—65,000 of them just in South Carolina. I introduced my SKILLS Act as an amendment earlier this week in order to modernize and cut bureaucratic waste out of the federal government’s maze of 35 overlapping workforce training programs. 


We need to make sure Americans are prepared for continued success in the workforce, and that starts with education and workforce training. 


Watch me discuss my two amendments on the Senate floor below, and read more about them here.


(Click HERE to watch)


Please join me in keeping the victims and their families of the Fort Hood tragedy in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time, and pray that they begin to find peace.  










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