Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Glenn: I’ve had enough

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April 02, 2014
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'I've had enough': Glenn reacts to 'one of the most agonizing speeches ever delivered'
In theory, the Obamacare enrollment period ended on Monday. In reality, anyone who claims to have attempted to sign up at some point in time will be granted a two-week extension. That didn't stop President Obama, however, from calling his lackeys (aka the media) to the Rose Garden on Tuesday to celebrate the success of his signature healthcare law. On radio this morning, Glenn just about lost it as he reacted to "one of the most agonizing speeches ever delivered." WATCH

Noah director claims there are very clear environmental themes in the Book of Genesis
While Glenn didn't find the environmental themes of Noah as offensive as some of the film's other plot points, Darren Aronofsky's action-packed movie adaptation of Noah's Ark has come under fire for inserting the modern-day climate debate into a Biblical story. During an interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, however, Aronofsky defended his decision, claiming there are actually clear environmental themes in the Book of Genesis. Check out his comments and Glenn's reaction HERE

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"It's a bunch of crap": New report shows 68,000 criminal aliens released into the U.S.
A new report from the Center for Immigration Studies found in 2013, while President Obama was saying the United States arrested and deported more illegal immigrants than ever before, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released 68,000 criminal aliens back into the country. They also failed to remove 870,000 illegal aliens that had mandatory deportation orders. TheBlaze's Tara Setmayer joined Glenn on Tuesday's Glenn Beck Program to elaborate on the story. WATCH


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'What right does the state have?' State takes custody of 85-year-old Texas man against his will
As Justina Pelletier's parents continue to fight to bring their 15-year-old daughter home in Massachusetts, a Texas family is fighting Texas' Adult Protective Services to regain custody their 85-year-old relative. According to KDFW-TV, Adult Protective Services took 85-year-old Charlie Fink into emergency custody when it was thought the man was a danger to himself and others. But Fink has no idea what he did wrong. Get the full story HERE

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Chilling: Why an underreported, 'significant incident of domestic terrorism' might not be a failed attack at all
Before you watch tonight's For The Record, be sure to check out this story. On April 16, 2013 six men launched an attack on a critical power station in California. The attack consisted of hundreds of AK-47 rounds being unleashed on 10 large transformers. It was first dismissed as "vandalism." But the former chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission calls it "the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred." Why are the U.S. power grids virtually unguarded? READ

Obama touts the now-recalled Chevy Cobalt, while Michael Moore calls for GM execs to be put to death
Since February, General Motors has recalled 2.6 million vehicles, and the carmaker is under investigation for its failure to issue a recall over faulty ignition switches that have been linked to at least 13 traffic deaths. The Chevy Cobalt accounts for 1.6 million of the 2.6 million recalls. On radio this morning, Glenn dug up audio of President Obama heralding the Cobalt back in 2009 and reacted to Michael Moore's declaration that he is "opposed to the death penalty" but there is an exception to every rule. WATCH

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How a 'witch hunt' against Scott Walker could put this woman in jail for sending fundraising emails
Can you go to jail for sending fundraising emails in America? If you're in any way affiliated with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the answer appears to be yes. Kelly Rindfleisch has been at the center of a four-year legal battle that is largely believed to be "collateral damage" in an attempt to take down the Republican governor by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm. On Monday, Rindfleisch sat down for her first TV interview with the Real News panel. WATCH

Tonight's primetime lineup on TheBlaze TV:
  • 5pm ET - The Glenn Beck Program: Tired of preaching to the choir about the overwhelming problems facing the United States, Glenn offers some solutions. Plus, how vulnerable is the U.S. power grid?
  • 6pm ET - Real News: After declaring victory in the Rose Garden, President Obama is eager to move on to other 'midterm centric' issues. Is the Obamacare debate over or has it just changed? The panel discusses.
  • 7pm ET - Wilkow!: In a huge about face, director of national intelligence James Clapper sent a letter to Congress admitting that the NSA has spied on Americans. Andrew breaks down what the admission means.
  • 8pm ET: For The Record: Laurie Dhue and the For The Record team investigate the vulnerability of the U.S. power grid and how easily it can fall victim to both high and low tech attacks.
  • 8:30pm ET: Real News Investigates: Buck Sexton examines how the U.S. power grid is a defenseless target. Was last year's attacks on the California power plant in San Jose terrorism?
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