Friday, April 4, 2014

Anti-Common Core Mom Barred from School! - News from

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Firewire from THE BLAZE April 04, 2014
What's in This 91-Year-Old's Basement Prompts FBI 'Visit'
When Andi Essex got an eyeful of Don Miller's gigantic basement collection of artifacts he's acquired from his travels around the world, she was enthralled. "It's unreal," Essex told an Indianapolis TV station, adding that the "full skeleton is what blew my mind" and that her favorite amongst Miller's artifacts was a piece of Hitler's bunker. A number of Mr. Miller's artifacts also caught the eye of the FBI. Browse the curious collection HERE.
And the Huge 'Diss' Vladimir Putin Once Gave George Bush?
Russia's recent actions in Crimea have shown a lot about Russian President Vladimir Putin's character and resolve, but perhaps something Putin once said to former President George W. Bush years ago tells you all you need to know. See what the former president revealed on NBC's Today show HERE.

A school in Sacramento, California has suspended a mom over her stance against Common Core. Yes, you read that correctly. The Mark Twain School in Sacramento has told the mother of a 12-year-old student that she has been suspended for two weeks. Could an arrest be next? Read more HERE.

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As biblical literalists and skeptics continue the debate over whether Noah truly built a massive ship that saved his family from a catastrophic global flood, researchers now say that at least one element of the story is scientifically plausible. Masters-level students at Leicester University's Department of Physics and Astronomy in England examined the ark's dimensions as described in Genesis 6:13-22 and came to a stunning conclusion. Read about their discovery HERE.

The hosts of the popular, politically incorrect "Opie & Anthony Show" on SiriusXM Radio went off on Obamacare Thursday after revealing their health care plans have been cancelled due to new regulations. Greg "Opie" Hughes, who has a wife and two kids, said he recently received a cancellation notice in the mail, voiding a health care plan that was "perfect" for him and his family. Hear the rant HERE.

"You guys aren't wanted here." This was just one of the reactions from attendees at the National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in Washington, D..C. late last month once it was learned that the reporter interviewing them was from Campus Reform, a conservative news outlet. More comments and video HERE.
'Cat's Out of the Bag' on IRS Targeting Scandal
What's the difference between "targeting" and using "inappropriate criteria" to select certain organizations for review? The Washington Post says it's just "bureaucratese" in fact checking IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, who told Congress the tax collecting agency was never accused of targeting tea party organizations and other conservative groups from 2010 through 2012. Read and see more of the testimony HERE.
Gun Manufacturer Releases 'New York Compliant' AR-15 Rifle
A Missouri-based gun manufacturer announced this week that it will release a line of "New York Compliant" rifles, a market-based response to the Empire State's strict new gun laws. Check out the features of the new firearm HERE.

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A video has been circulating claiming to show a herd of bison "running for their lives" out of Yellowstone National Park. The suggestion has been that the animals are sensing imminent danger associated with a volcano in the area. But there's just one problem with that theory. See the video and find out what's really going on HERE.

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