Thursday, April 3, 2014

Give them their guns

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April 03, 2014
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Give them their guns: Glenn demands government let soldiers carry again
Three people were killed and 16 others wounded in a shooting at Fort Hood Army base in Texas on Wednesday. The suspected shooter, who has been identified by several news organizations as 34-year-old Specialist Ivan Lopez, is also dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. On radio this morning, Glenn passionately explained how vital it is to provide our servicemen and women with the resources they need. We have left too many of these people out to dry, and Glenn laid out the two things "our forces need": Our respect and support and the right to keep and bear arms. WATCH

Putin asks Palin who to invade next in hilarious Tonight Show sketch
Looking for a bit of comic relief today? Check out this sketch from Wednesday's Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in which Fallon dressed up as Vladimir Putin and called up one of the few people who actually foresaw his invasion of Ukraine: Sarah Palin. WATCH.

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Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush: Who would you vote for?
On radio this morning, Glenn considered the possibility of a 2016 general election between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. While that particular pairing would undoubtedly be progressivism's dream team, Glenn believes it would result in very few people turning out at the polls. Who would you vote for? Would you vote at all? MORE

"I Want This in Every Home in America!" – Glenn Beck
Recently I discovered the 'missing link' to protecting my family. With only seconds to act (and the police still minutes away) it's the ONE thing that gives you an advantage over a vicious predator. Doesn't matter whether you have a gun or not. Today, I've made it my mission to see one of these gets into every home in America. Click here to watch 'NEW' video footage from inside my home.

Data analyst explains why Americans will be looking for a "game changer" in 2016
Earlier this week, National Review's Kevin Williamson joined Glenn to explain why he does not believe Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has any real chance in 2016. In Williamson's view, Americans are not actually ready to embrace libertarianism on a national scale. On radio this morning, data analyst John Cardillo, founder and CEO of psyID, talked to Glenn about the chances of Sen. Paul, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), and others in 2016. WATCH.

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Glenn: We all have a part to play
Glenn talks a lot about how he doesn't always know what God's plan is, but he often finds himself moved to do certain things – even if he doesn't understand why. While he has been ringing the bell and sharing the news that the mainstream media refuses to tell, he also knows it's time to expand into films, music, and other projects so that he can reach a whole new group of people. His quest to keep the people who are awake focused and energized while also expanding the choir was the focus of his monologue on Wednesday's Glenn Beck Program. WATCH

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Glenn talks to FreedomWorks' Matt Kibbe about his new 'Libertarian Manifesto'
On radio this morning, New York Times bestselling author and president of FreedomWorks Matt Kibbe joined Glenn to discuss his new book, Don't Hurt People and Don't Take Their Stuff: A Libertarian Manifesto. Glenn called the work "a dynamic book that every listener should read." Whether you are looking to brush up on libertarian values or want to learn how to better communicate those values, this book has something for everyone. Check out the interview HERE.

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Bill Clinton tells Jimmy Kimmel he wouldn't be surprised if aliens exist
During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, former President Bill Clinton divulged his fascination with extraterrestrial life. After Kimmel revealed his first act as president would be to "run to the White House" and "demand to see all the classified files on the UFOs," President Clinton admitted he had similar priorities. Check out the interview HERE.

Tonight's primetime lineup on TheBlaze TV:
  • 5pm ET - The Glenn Beck Program: In the wake of yesterday's shooting at Fort Hood, Glenn talks to the experts about how our military bases have essentially devolved into war zones.
  • 6pm ET - Real News: The panel looks at the aftermath of the Fort Hood shooting. Plus, what does the Supreme Court's decision on campaign finance laws mean for politics?
  • 7pm ET - Wilkow!: Andrew looks at the Fort Hood shooting in relation to the state of the healthcare system in the United States, and offers a scathing report on progressive education.
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