Friday, April 25, 2014

Boeher Declares Amnesty Victory

Dear Fellow Patriot,

I wanted to be the first to tell you, we are going to lose the fight against Amnesty. Later this year, House Speaker John Boehner, Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and the House leadership will meet with Harry Reid and pass Amnesty.

This will legalize not eleven million as the Democrats claim but the real total will be between thirty and forty million. In 1986, Amnesty was passed and within six years, California went blue and has never voted Republican again. The Democrats have a supermajority in that state because of Amnesty.

The Democrats know this and are gloating that Boehner and the Republicans will give them a supermajority in national politics.

Fortunately, this is not true yet. But this could be the future we see if we do not act today.

We must keep the pressure on the Republicans not to cave on Amnesty.

Yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner is whining about Amnesty again. He said, he has been working for the last 16 to 17 months to try and put an Amnesty deal together. Then he whined that other Republicans would not follow him in his suicidal leap for Amnesty.

Oh, did we mention John Boehner doesn't like the Tea Party either.

There is one way to stop Boehner and to stop Amnesty. We must fight them.

We need your help today.

Will you stand with us and fight Amnesty with your generous contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to help Tea Party Nation.

Perhaps that is because the Tea Party has challenged him repeatedly. Perhaps that is because Tea Party Nation was the first national Tea Party group to call for Boehner to be challenged and to be replaced.

John Boehner whines because he doesn't like us pointing out that his all he ever wants to do is raise his freshly laundered white flag of surrender. Boehner will not fight to repeal Obamacare, reduce spending or fight against Amnesty.

We must keep the pressure!

If the Republicans sell us out on Amnesty, it is game over for liberty in America.

It is crucial that we hear from you today! Will you support us today and help us fight against Amnesty?

Yours in Liberty,

Judson Phillips, Founder
Tea Party Nation

PS. Rumors are sweeping Washington that John Boehner will step down as Speaker and retire in the next few months. He may have nothing to lose. We must keep pressure on the Republican Party to stand firm against Amnesty. We do that with your help. We must hear from you today with your generous contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to help Tea Party Nation.

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