Friday, April 18, 2014

Sponsored: Rand Paul - Your thoughts?

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Firewire from THE BLAZE April 18, 2014

This is a sponsored message from our friends at RandPAC.

Dear Fellow Conservative,

It could hardly be worse for President Obama.

The ObamaCare roll out has been a disaster.  Something as simple and elementary as the website is plagued with "glitches" making the system completely unworkable.

Millions of Americans are receiving notices that their health insurance is being cancelled or their premiums are skyrocketing.

The state of Delaware alone spent $4 million to enroll only four people in ObamaCare.

And ObamaCare expert "navigators" were recently caught on camera coaching people to lie on their applications.

But as bad as all this is, it means nothing if you and I don't fight back.  So today I'm counting on your advice . . .

I've created for you a special "Grassroots Directive."  Won't you please fill it out IMMEDIATELY?

Earlier last year, I launched a 13-hour filibuster, taking over the floor of the U.S. Senate from Majority Leader Reid to highlight the issue of out-of-control government power and domestic drone use.

I know you and millions of other Americans stood with me all the way.

Now I am asking you to stand with me once again as even more critical fights approach

The truth is, with the ObamaCare rollout debacle, the talk in Congress is now about "reforming" or "fixing" the bill.

I'm as worried as anyone about the damage this disastrous law is inflicting on the American people.

But "reform" isn't the answer.  "Fixing" the bill is no solution.  All this would do is allow ObamaCare's taxes and regulations to become even further entrenched.

So the answer is outright REPEAL.  And you and I can't settle for anything less.

I hope you agree -- and if you think this should be my top priority in the next few months -- please mark "REPEAL OBAMACARE" on your Stand With Rand Member Directive.

Click here to answer

But before you do, please consider everything else you and I are likely to face over the next few months.

With his approval levels at a record low, President Obama is doing everything possible to change the subject off ObamaCare by ramming through even more Big Government power grabs into law, including:

***More taxing and spending.  You and I both know Washington, D.C.'s debt problem isn't due to a lack of "revenue" (taxes).  The problem is spending.

Yet, those in BOTH parties want to keep hiking our national debt limit and passing new job-destroying schemes like the National Internet Tax Mandate.

***Gun Control.  President Obama has already called for "transformation" of our nation's gun laws, and has done his best to chip away at our Second Amendment with a flurry of Executive Orders.

With the U.N.'s so-called "Small Arms Treaty" waiting in the wings, I'm afraid you and I could see a renewed push for gun control in Congress as well.

***Immigration Reform.  Over my objections, the bill the Senate passed earlier this year lacks real safeguards to ensure the Obama administration does its job in securing our border.

Just as bad, the bill also includes a new National ID database, which will only increase government spying on U.S. citizens.  The Republican-controlled House has effectively announced the Senate's version "dead on arrival," but it's virtually assured the fight over this issue will be back.

Frankly, I'm not sure how much more of this madness we can take!

So if you think defeating President Obama's legislative schemes are most important, please mark "STOP PRESIDENT OBAMA'S AGENDA" on your Member Directive.

Click here to answer

Please understand that winning at the ballot box in 2014 means laying the groundwork for victory now.

Can you imagine just how emboldened President Obama and his Big Government allies will be if they don't pay a price in the 2014 elections?

The ObamaCare monstrosity would remain on the books.  The phony "green" Cap and Tax scheme would be back.

So would "Card Check" instant union organizing.

So would whatever else the radical Left could dream up.

Quite frankly, you and I can't afford to kick this can down the road.  We have to start fighting back now.

That means supporting solid and principled candidates.

I know there are some in my own party who want to wave the white flag of surrender.

They believe the best way forward for our Republican Party is to be more like Democrats.

They want to make it seem like those of us who stand up for principle do it alone.

With your help, I want to show them they don't know what they are talking about.

So if you believe preparing for the 2014 elections is most important, please mark "WIN AT THE BALLOT BOX IN 2014."

Click here to answer

I'm committed to fighting back on all fronts.  But I'm just one U.S. Senator.  It's the action and support of good folks that really makes the difference.

Through the actions of hundreds of thousands of patriotslike you, we stopped President Obama's "background check" registration scheme earlier this year, we forced the administration's hand when it comes to targeting and killing American citizens with drones on U.S. soil and we stopped the misguided march to war in Syria.

But without your generosity and support today, I'm afraid I just won't be able to keep up enough heat on Congress to stop President Obama's radical agenda AND lay the groundwork for success in 2014.

I'm sure you see why I'm so torn . . .

That's why I've included one more option on your Stand With Rand Member Directive -- "FIGHT ON ALL FRONTS."

It's the option I'm very much hoping you'll select.

But please realize, without your support, I just won't have the resources to mobilize American citizens to all of these fights.

So won't you please chip in a quick contribution of $10, $20, or more today?

But 2014 is an absolutely critical year.  You and I must fight back with everything we have.

It's critical I hear from you right away.

So please fill out your "Grassroots Directive" and chip in a contribution of $10, $20, or more TODAY!

In Liberty,
Senator Rand Paul

P.S.  Today I'm counting on your advice.

President Obama is determined to change the subject from ObamaCare by ramming through even more Big Government power grabs through Congress.

Not only that, but if you and I want to emerge victorious at the ballot box in 2014, we must start fighting back now.

So please fill out your "Grassroots Directive" and please chip in a contirbution $10, $20, or more right away.

Click here to answer

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