Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Obamatrade: Another disaster from a proven liar.



Dear Patriot,


For the last year or so, I have been warning you about an upcoming disaster called the Transpacific Partnership Trade Treaty. 


The truth of the matter is, this is Obamatrade.  What the Obama Regime did for healthcare they are now going to do to trade and the economy.


Barack Obama is a proven liar. The list goes on and on. From Obamacare's famous, "If you like your Doctor, you can keep your Doctor," to Benghazi, the IRS scandal to Fast and Furious, it is a non-stop stream of lies from the Obama Regime.


Now Obama wants so-called "Fast Track Authority" to negotiate this treaty in the dark, give Congress no option to amend out offensive portions of the treaty and lower the threshold to pass it.


Why would anyone trust this proven liar?


Tonight there are two very simple things I ask of you.  Tea Party Nation is working with a coalition of groups that oppose Barack Obama.  We have set up a Facebook page called "Obamatrade."


The page is right here.


Would you click on the link, go to the Facebook page, like the page and then share the page with all of your friends and your Tea Party groups. 


After the State of the Union, I called part of Obama's speech, the "Three horsemen of the economic apocalypse."  Obamatrade is one of those horsemen designed to bring down the American economy.


In the next few weeks and months, I will be asking you to help stand up and stop this latest Obama encroachment on the Constitution.  But tonight, please take two minutes to like this Facebook page and share it with your friends.


Yours for America.


Judson Phillips, Founder

Tea Party Nation.

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