Tuesday, February 18, 2014

'There Is An Afterlife': Man Claims He Visited Heaven - News from TheBlaze.com

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Firewire from THE BLAZE February 18, 2014
Dad Defies Judge's Gag Order To Try And Save His Daughter
Last November, after Justina Pelletier's family began speaking out about their fight against the Boston Children's Hospital system, they were placed under a gag order. Monday night, Justina's father, Lou intentionally violated that order in an appearance on Glenn Beck's television show. Watch the segment from TheBlaze TV HERE.
'There Is An Afterlife': Man Claims To Have Visited Heaven
Brian Miller, 41, was hospitalized after suffering a major heart attack. While he was doing well at first, his heart eventually went into a deadly arrhythmia called Ventricular fibrillation, described by the Mayo Clinic as "a … rhythm problem that occurs when the heart beats with rapid, erratic electrical impulses." He nearly died, but the Ohio man is claiming that he traveled to heaven and back again during a recent near-death experience. Get Miller's story HERE.

According to the company's recent contract update it sent to cardholders, Capital One reserves the right to contact its customers "in any manner we choose," including via phone, text, email, fax or even a "personal visit." The personal visits can be "at your home and at your place of employment." See what's got some cardholders asking, "Why is this in my wallet?" HERE.

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"I Want This In Every Home In America!" – Glenn Beck

Recently I discovered the 'missing link' to protecting my family. With only seconds to act (and the police just minutes away) it's the one thing that lets you take personal responsibility for your safety. Doesn't matter if you have a gun or not. That's why I've made it my mission to see one of these gets into every home in America.  >>Click to watch actual footage from inside my home>>
A University of South Carolina-assigned textbook that appears to suggest former President Ronald Reagan was a sexist and says conservatives view individuals as lazy and corrupt is under fire from at least one student. See the text in question and read the response sent to TheBlaze from USC HERE.

"Dude, they just shot him. They just killed the dude. Holy s***. They just killed him." On Friday, those were the words of men witnessing a shocking police confrontation near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area between a 20-year-old man, Bureau of Land Management rangers, and the Nevada Highway Patrol. Watch the video HERE.

Mainstream media outlets across the country are regularly accused of failing to be objective when it comes to President Obama's administration and his landmark health care law known as "Obamacare." The same cannot be said about WTVT-TV political editor Craig Patrick. Watch Patrick's takedown of the plan's website rollout HERE.
TheBlaze Book Review: 'Trapped Under The Sea' By Neil Swidey
Author Neil Swidey just released a new book titled "Trapped Under the Sea," a story about how a multi-billion dollar, multi-year, legal and regulatory nightmare of a project to build an almost 10-mile long engineering marvel of a tunnel deep beneath Boston Harbor fell on the shoulders of five blue collar Americans–some of whom never made it back, and others whose lives would never be the same. Read TheBlaze Books review of Neil Swidey's new book HERE.
'They Can't Both Be President': Sneak Peek Of TheBlaze Magazine
Ted Cruz and Rand Paul sit atop the list of 2016 White House hopefuls for many libertarian and conservative voters. What would a Cruz-Paul primary battle mean for the election? Will they split constitutionalists? Can either man win the nomination? How will the establishment GOP react to them? Get a large sample of new edition's cover story HERE.

From TheBlaze TV
  • The Glenn Beck Program -- Is the Left's love affair with Obama fading? The Los Angeles Times editorial board challenged the President and his habit of circumventing Congress with Executive Orders. Glenn is also talking with Blaze Faith Editor Billy Hallowell about Seattle's latest move to declare "domestic partnerships" are now officially "married" couples. -- 5pm ET or on-demand on TheBlaze TV.
  • Wilkow! -- Andrew celebrates the 5th anniversary of President Obama signing the $866 billion dollar stimulos program. (He's not really celebrating, but you don't want to miss this.) -- 7pm ET -- only on TheBlaze TV.
  • Real News Investigates -- Coming tomorrow - Wednesday -  
    Tune into TheBlaze for the series premiere of Real News Investigates for an investigation into allegations that the 9/11 attacks were more than an act of terror, and actually a Saudi act of war. Why were 28 pages of the Joint Intelligence Committee Report on 9/11 redacted? Why do government officials who have seen the pages report feeling shocked by the content? This Wednesday @ 8:30PM ET, directly following For the Record.

    This week's For the Record takes an inside look into the radical Islamic group linked to international terrorism that is operating right here in the US. And, our government knows. Could they be plotting an attack on America from our own backyard? Get the facts on For the Record.
       -- Wednesday at 8pm ET -- only on TheBlaze TV.
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As promised during the run-up to his "Tonight Show" debut, Fallon made no drastic changes to the "Late Night" formula. He remained funny, gracious, bubbly and, above all, comfortable presiding over a show that was different mostly for its earlier time slot, its classier production values and legendary brand name. Watch the clips HERE.

Mom Defies Doctor's Abortion Suggestion - Reveals Her Miracle
Rachel Collins is a British mother who claims that doctors told her to terminate her pregnancy and that her unborn baby wouldn't survive — but she defied their recommendations and went on to deliver a healthy baby boy. Get the rest of Rachel's story HERE.
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