Friday, February 21, 2014

Dems humiliated at town hall

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February 21,2014
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Humiliating: Minnesota Democrats can't answer simple Obamacare question 
During a town hall-style meeting in Minnesota on Wednesday, one constituent asked a pretty simple question: "I thought the Affordable Care Act would save $2500 per family. What happened?" But the three Democratic lawmakers on the panel were left embarrassingly speechless. Check out the awkward moment HERE.

EXCLUSIVE: Sean Hannity rips GOP in candid, wide ranging interview with
The Glenn Beck Newsletter has a brand new feature called Off the Record which features candid interviews with people who are making a difference. Kicking off the series is Sean Hannity, who didn't hold back as he ripped the GOP and doubled down on his vow to leave NYC. Sean also gives a rare in-depth look into his personal life and background. It's Hannity like you've never heard him before. Check out the interview HERE.

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TheBlaze's Sara Carter lays out what is happening on the ground in Ukraine
If you were a follower of Glenn back in his Fox News days, you may remember a chalkboard he used to keep on set that illustrated what countries in Europe, northern Africa, and the Middle East are on fire.  Glenn returned to that chalkboard on Thursday's Glenn Beck Program to better explain what is happening in Ukraine and Venezuela. TheBlaze's senior Washington correspondent Sara Carter joined Glenn to discuss what her sources on the ground in Ukraine are saying about the current crisis, what Russian involvement means for the rest of the world, and what comes next. WATCH

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Texas pushes back against new NFL gun rules 
The NFL has a strange set of standards. There doesn't seem to be much backlash after one of its star players was caught on camera dragging his unconscious fiance out of an elevator, yet the league has the nerve to say off-duty law enforcement officers cannot carry a gun into stadiums. Glenn ripped the NFL's idiocy on radio this morning. WATCH

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Hollywood attempted a God movie, didn't quite work out 
Glenn took some of the New York staff to see two movies last night, each with good messages. The Lego Movie is fantastic and reminds us that no matter how ordinary we are, we all have a special role to play. The second movie, A Winter's Tale, scores points for at least trying to explain the true nature of good and evil. But it falls short of the goal. Glenn broke down the positives and negatives of both films on radio this morning. WATCH  

A crazy idea to stop mass shootings
On last week's Wonderful World of Stu, Stu delivered an 'Anti-Social' monologue about guns - specifically, the failure (and danger) of gun free zones. WATCH

Which foreign countries do Americans view most favorable? 
On Tuesday, Gallup released the results of its 2014 World Affairs poll, which ranks the American people's overall opinion of 22 foreign countries. On radio this morning, Pat and Stu challenged Glenn to figure out what countries made the list. What country enjoys the most favorable ranking? What country has the least? MORE

8 Life Defining Moments That Will Take Your Breath Away
Last week, we asked TheBlaze readers to send us the greatest moment of their lives, captured in a photo. What came back were some of the most inspiring, courageous and touching pictures we've ever seen. Read the story, presented by Cognizine, HERE

Louis Farrakhan begs President Obama to 'open up Area 51' 
Louis Farrakhan has never been considered the most sane person in America, and he proved why in a bizarre sermon he recently delivered. Farrakhan rambled on and on about aliens and the importance of President Obama "opening up Area 51 ." He even cited Independence Day with Will Smith as evidentiary support for his case. See the bizarre rant and Glenn's reaction HERE.

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  • Saturday @ 9am ET - Liberty Treehouse: In this week's 'Drive Through History' learn more about scientist, surveyor, almanac author, and farmer Benjamin Banneker. Plus, meet 'Rockstar of the Revolution' Frederick Douglass.
  • Saturday @ 4pm ET - Hot Shots: Get to know the greatest stars in shooting both on and off the range. Watch as they compete to win championship matches across the country.
  • Saturday @ 4:30pm ET - 3-Gun Nation: Explore the high octane sport of 3-Gun competition. Follow amateur and professional shooters as they compete to win the grand prize of $50,000.
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