Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prominent lib turns on Obama

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February 27,2014
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Prominent liberal professor turns on Obama, delivers a must-see critique of the President 
Jonathan Turley is a professor and constitutional lawyer who happens to support most of the policies President Obama supports. But during a congressional hearing yesterday, he issued a grave warning. He is 'alarmed' by President Obama's rapid centralization of power and says the Constitution is at a 'tipping point.' As Glenn explained, it is one of the most important pieces of commentary in a long time. WATCH

Did you miss last night's episode of For The Record?
Last night, For the Record took an in-depth look at a series of political raids targeting Republican Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Under the John Doe Law, the DA's office seized campaign plans and documents that led to the imprisonment of his innocent supporters. How far is the left willing to go? Watch For The Record on demand HERE.

'Are you a parrot or a moron?' Glenn reacts to hilarious Al Sharpton video 
Al Sharpton does not come across particularly articulate on any program, but a compilation of clips put together by the Washington Free Beacon shows just how pathetic Sharpton's broadcasting skills really are. After playing a sound bite of President Obama, Sharpton has a habit of repeating - verbatim - everything the President just said. So is he just reading the teleprompter or is he completely void of any original analysis (read: a moron)? The answer is likely both - but you can decide for yourself HERE.

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Is Connecticut one step away from gun confiscation? 
Short answer: Yeah, pretty much. After a hastily passed gun law forced legal gun owners to register certain types of firearms with the state on or before January 1, 2014, only 15% of Connecticut gun owners have actually complied. What will the state do in the face of everyone ignoring the law? Glenn explained on radio today. WATCH

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MSNBC's Ronan Farrow wins prestigious journalism award after 3 days on the air 
They must've been three really incredible shows because Ronan Farrow took home a major award after less than a week on air. Not to worry, though: During today's broadcast of Ronan Farrow Daily on MSNBC, he totally vindicated himself as he discussed Miley Cyrus' midget dancer and other 'important' issues of the day. Glenn reacted to the madness on radio this morning. MORE

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Jim Cramer tells Glenn how to get rich carefully WATCH

Lindsey Graham's reelection chances are looking slim 
We can all dare to dream, right? Well, it looks like the dream of Senator Lindsey Graham being ousted in South Carolina could soon be a reality as his Republican primary challenger is polling quite well. Glenn spoke with Lee Bright, the man true conservatives are pulling for, on radio this morning. Check out the interview HERE.

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WATCH: Winter's Tale director reveals tragic origins of film's message of hope
The writer and director of Winter's Tale, Akiva Goldsman, joined the Glenn Beck Program on Wednesday to discuss his new blockbuster and the message behind it. Glenn has seen the film twice and generally enjoyed it, but it has received mixed reviews from critics. Is it because the strong faith undertones? Check out the interview HERE.

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  • 6pm ET - Real News: As President Obama continues to ignore his own red line in Ukraine, the panel discusses whether this type of response is a sign of things to come. Is a "new isolationism" on tap for America's future? What are the consequences of a more reserved US foreign policy?
  • 7pm ET - Wilkow!: Health insurers are launching a multimillion dollar ad  campaign to help push customers onto the Obamacare health exchanges. While there is no problem with spending money to drum up business, many of these insurers are subsidized by the government. Andrew talks to the experts on the latest Obamacare failures.
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