Monday, February 24, 2014

Ted Cruz Needs Reinforcements

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I won’t beat around the bush – we need to fire tax-raising, ObamaCare-funding RINO Thad Cochran and elect a real Conservative in the Mississippi Senate race.

And we can do that. We can elect Chris McDaniel. When you think of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, or Mike Lee, think of McDaniel. That’s the kind of Conservative he is.

We need to put the national spotlight on this race and make sure we send Chris McDaniel to reinforce the Freedom Caucus in the Senate.

Show your support for McDaniel – sign the petition.

What do you want in a Senator? Someone who has - and will - actually fight to stop ObamaCare? Someone who will take on the NSA’s unconstitutional spying program? Someone who will fight for less spending and less taxes? Someone who puts the Constitution first?

Then Chris McDaniel is your man. I’ve met a lot of candidates for office, but Chris McDaniel is flat-out impressive. I trust him to do the right thing. Will you help FreedomWorks for America elect him in Mississippi?

Sign the petition if you want to elect McDaniel and send reinforcements to Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz!

McDaniel’s opponent is six-term Senator Thad Cochran. If you want a Republican who votes to fund ObamaCare, raise taxes, and spend more money, Thad Cochran is your guy.

But if you want a true Conservative who has spent years fighting ObamaCare and bigger government, help us elect Chris McDaniel.

Government goes to those who show up. If you want to restore America, elect a true Conservative, and retire a RINO, show your support for McDaniel and sign the petition here.

In Liberty,

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Matt Kibbe
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