Monday, February 17, 2014

Allen Roth: Obama putting Americans at risk with naïve foreign policy

Greetings from snowy Washington, D.C.!

With Republicans in Washington seemingly bent on abdicating real opposition to President Obama's vision for the country, Allen Roth, president of the foreign policy advocacy group Secure America Now, says Obama is diminishing America in the eyes of the world and putting us at great risk with naïve ideological policies. Allen tells an interesting inside story about how the issue of national security helped a Republican win a New York congressional seat in a heavily Jewish district that typically votes Democratic. Allen also talks about how establishment Republicans want to stay silent on these issues, instead of seeing an opportunity to broaden their base and gain new voters.

In this next three-part video interview, Roth discusses:

  • The need for a select committee to find out the truth of the grievous erros and cover-up involved in the Benghazi terror attack
  • The Obama administration's naïve negotiation with Iran, an untrustworthy, expansionist regime bent on exporting terrorism
  • The danger of bending rules and clear language that prevent terrorists from moving around unimpeded

Watch Leaders with Ginni Thomas:
  Allen Roth

Last week: You can still watch our moving interview with Charles Woods, father of Ty Woods, former Navy Seal who was killed in Benghazi, Libya.

Next week: Republican Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann on the president's lawlessness, national security, Obamacare's disastrous implementation and the shrinking Republican leadership in Washington.



P.S. Look on the bright side of Obamacare's horrendous implementation with this short new video!

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