Sunday, February 16, 2014

Yes, We're Suing the Obama Administration



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We're Suing the NSA

FreedomWorks, Rand Paul, and Ken Cuccinelli are suing the NSA.


We’ve all heard reports that the NSA collected private information on Americans without their consent – and without warrants. We also heard that the NSA collected phone records and may even have collected GPS locations of innocent citizens.

Our lawsuit is on behalf of our entire freedom community. It’s on behalf of the 4th Amendment.

And we plan on taking this all the way to the Supreme Court.

Make sure you watch this special video on our NSA lawsuit.


You know FreedomWorks and Rand Paul have been fighting Obama’s NSA. But now we’re getting serious.

The reports of NSA spying are downright scary, and you deserve the truth. You deserve your Constitutional Rights. That’s why we’re suing the Obama Administration.

This is FreedomWorks, Rand Paul, and Ken Cuccinelli versus Obama. Will you support our lawsuit?

Watch this special video now.

Stop the IRS

Have you submitted your IRS comment yet?

The IRS is attempting to suppress the free speech rights of concerned citizens. They want to make it harder for grassroots groups to come together and petition their government. They need to hear your opposition to their assault on free speech – that’s why it’s so important to submit comments to the IRS website.

The IRS’s proposed regulations hold grave consequences for every tea partier, 9/12er, and patriot in America. They must be stopped.

The IRS needs to hear from you now. Your comment could save grassroots conservative groups across the country.

Here are a few things to remember about the IRS regulations. They prevent regular citizens from:

  1. Mentioning a candidate up for re-election within 60 days of an election. That includes every single member of the House of Representatives – you won’t be able petition your own representatives.
  2. Register voters.
  3. Call for the election or defeat of a political candidate.
  4. Hold candidate forums so voters can decide who would best represent them.

There is no overstating how important it is to stop these regulations. Patriots like you must act now to keep our movement alive.

Comment on the IRS website now. Tell them to stop harassing conservative grassroots groups.


Check Out Matt Kibbe's New Book

As the government continues to harass law-abiding citizens with the IRS and trash the Bill of Rights with NSA spying, now is the time for America to return to the philosophy of liberty.

On April 1st, Matt Kibbe’s new book will be released. Titled “Don’t Hurt People and Don’t Take Their Stuff,” this is the political manifesto you’ve been waiting for.

It’s no secret Washington continues to crush our freedom. The Obama Administration ignores the Constitution with its endless regulation and federal overreach.

Regular Americans know we can’t keep living like this – letting government devour our rights. ObamaCare is more of the same Big Government ideology. The health care takeover forces you to purchase a product you might not want or need. That’s not right, and it’s certainly not based on the founding principles of our nation.

In an era where the mainstream media worships Progressivism, Matt Kibbe delivers a full-throttle defense of liberty. He doesn’t write like an academic – he makes the case for freedom

You know liberty is plain old common sense. Now it’s time for the rest of America to relearn these basic principles. Matt Kibbe’s new book will show the way.

Get a free chapter before the book goes on sale!



patrick.pngThis week's video features FreedomWorks Policy Analyst Patrick Hedger on TheBlaze TV discussing the recent debt ceiling betrayal in Congress. Had Republican Leadership held the line, we could have stopped Obama's reckless agenda.

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