Monday, February 24, 2014

Michele Bachmann is a rock star

Happy Monday!

I have been knocking on Michele Bachmann's door to do this interview since I started with The Daily Caller in the spring of 2011, so it was a real treat to conduct this interview for the hundreds of loyal viewers who have been urging me to interview the Minnesota congresswoman and former presidential candidate. Wait until you here her passion, love of country and clarity! You need to listen and circulate this one to all your friends. In this three-part interview, she discusses:

  • Obamacare --- seven things candidate Barack Obama should have told voters about its implementation
  • Benghazi --- "It's not over," she says
  • Obama's legacy --- "lawlessness" and "upended world order"
  • IRS --- "utter corruption"
  • War on women --- a "fiction driven by the left when it is Democratic policies that are hurting women"
  • Message to the tea party on their five-year anniversary --- "Thank you!"
  • Lessons learned from running for president

The Sunday portion of her interview focuses on President Obama's lawlessness and the possibility of impeachment.

Watch Leaders with Ginni Thomas:
  Rep. Michele Bachmann

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