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History Is Repeating Itself And It Would Seem, In The End, We Have Learned Precious Little .....A MUST READ!

History Is Repeating Itself And It Would Seem, In The End, We Have Learned Precious Little 

World War III was ignited with the Arab Spring and an ignored Archduke Ferdinand moment. The Leftists pushed for it and set the world on fire. Their hope was to reform the world closer to their Marxist heart’s desire. And in many ways they have. But this fat lady is just warming up and George Soros is singing backup.

Next came a financial crisis that the globalists try to hide in plain sight from the masses while it unfolds just as they have planned. As America changed the channel yesterday, Obama put out his most blatant lie yet. He lowered the unemployment rate to 6.7%, while 92 million Americans have dropped out of the workforce. The unemployment rate has been manipulated to exclude these people who have been unemployed long term. It is a monstrous lie, wrapped in the deadly promise of equality and it is meant to slap lipstick on a depressed pig. 

When 1500 people show up for 1 union job, you don’t need any more proof than that to show we are in a depression. For every person hired, 5 are now dropping out of the workforce. And as people fight to survive, line up for jobs and quietly go hungry behind closed doors, Obama parties in Hawaii on our 4 million dollars in tax money. Talk about inequality. 

China is no longer buying our debt.
We are buying our own debt and printing money to create the illusion of prosperity for Wall Street. Our vaults at the Fed and Ft. Knox are almost assuredly empty. Last year, Germany, sensing something was not right with their gold, asked for it back from the US. They were told it would take 7 years to return it all, which is your first alarm bell. This year, we were to return 70 tons of gold and returned less than half (37.5 tons) of this first installment. Worse yet, it did not have their stamp when returned. It had been melted down and returned with the lame excuse of storage requirements. Right. 

Through rehypothecation, our banks have sold the gold over and over again to each other. And now, they have sold the actual assets and are hiding the fact. The US is bankrupt and soon the people we owe will come knocking. Some of those people, make the mob look like kiddies and they will blame all Americans for this. It’s coming.

Our national debt is now over 17 trillion with no slowing down or end in sight and our politicians are just fine with that. We are far past the point of being able to pay off the debt and just how do you think that will end? Obamacare was one of the doomsday lynchpins. It will continue to spiral out of control and take the economy ever downward along with the other entitlement programs. Only a very few in Congress are trying to reverse it. Politicians on both sides of the aisle want it for their own reasons: wealth, power and cheap labor, as well as a voting class to keep the Marxists in power forever.

The final financial lynchpin will be Amnesty if it goes through. At this point, I believe it will and that would be the last nail in America’s coffin. Millions of illegals will bring millions more across our borders, providing voters for the Left and violence, chaos and poverty for our streets. Obama means it when he speaks of equality – he will sink America into a third world status with poverty and misery for all but the elite. His comrades will be exempted and live in luxury though. It’s the communist way. Corruption will become widespread and common. In short, life will be hell in the trenches and it is not only the Democrats who are bringing this to America... you can thank the Republican Progressives on the right and the likes of the Chamber of Commerce for this nightmare.

Morally, the US has lost her way and we already see crime spiralling out of control. From teens reveling in the knock out game, to hackers stealing millions of credit card identities... from legalizing pot to abortion. Americans are vainly searching for something or someone to believe in again. God is right there for them, but many, many can’t seem to call His name anymore. Instead, we have New York Satanists insisting on equal rights next to a monument of the 10 Commandments at the Oklahoma State Capitol. They say they will sue if Baphomet in statue form, is not allowed in the square. Think that sounds crazy? Wish it were, but the lawyers are lining up and the devil may indeed go down to Oklahoma. Bloomberg even gave them credence with an interview.

Then we have Rolling Stone, who is way cool with communism and Business Insider thinks it is the bees knees as well:

If you’re a Millennial who loves bread lines, prison camps, forced famines, and abject human misery, then you’ll love the latest offering from Rolling Stone. Over the weekend, Jesse Myerson, a twenty-something former Occupy organizer, finally stumbled upon a foolproof recipe for success for today’s struggling Millennials. The recipe? Communism, naturally.

On Friday, Rolling Stone’s Jesse A. Myerson released an article entitled “Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For.” In the piece, Myerson argues in favor of five economic principles ripped straight from the pages of the Soviet constitution:

Guaranteed jobs for everyone
A universal basic income
Imposing a land-value tax, or maybe having the government own a lot of land
Make everybody own everything,” the specific proposal for which seems to be a sovereign wealth fund
State lending banks like North Dakota’s

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Myerson’s analysis got a lot of people’s attention, and the article garnered 5,000+ comments from supporters and detractors. Business Insider decided to get in on the action by posting a response to the Rolling Stone piece, in which writer Josh Barro calls Myerson’s economic reform ideas as “pretty good.”

The communists have become so emboldened, they have ripped their masks off and are pushing their doctrine as mainstream to the public. 

Here are some of the things they have accomplished since 1963:

Capture one or both political parties. Check.
Do away with all loyalty oaths. Check.
Use the courts to weaken American institutions by claiming their actions violate civil rights. Check.
Get control of the schools. Weaken the curriculum. Get control of the teacher’s unions. Check.
Infiltrate the press and gain control of key positions in radio, TV and motion pictures. Check.
Eliminate all good sculptures from parks and government buildings. Substitute shapeless and meaningless forms. Check.
Eliminate all laws governing obscenity, calling them violations of free speech. Check.
Present homosexuality and promiscuity as normal and healthy. Check.
Infiltrate the church and discredit the Bible. Check.
Eliminate prayers and religious expression in the schools. Check.
Discredit the Constitution and Founding Fathers. Working on that.
Transfer arrest powers from police to social agencies. Check.
Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders. Check.
Use mental health laws to dominate and gain control over opponents. Check.
Discredit the family as an institution. Check.

We have to get rid of this disease before it kills off the freest nation ever to exist on earth. We were so busy working our jobs, raising our families and being entertained, that we invited evil into our midst and let it become our ruler. Our country is in need of a political exorcism.

Our military and intelligence agencies have been gutted, leaving us vulnerable worldwide to all sorts of attacks. Physical terrorist attacks to cyber attacks — economic warfare to EMP attacks — bio warfare to full scale nuclear war. Take your pick... 

It’s only a matter of time till one of the wheels comes off in the Middle East, already ignited by the Arab Spring. You can thank Obama and the Progressives for ensuring the mother of all World Wars. Obama and his administration are now claiming further sanctions on Iran will trigger the war. They already know it is coming and are blaming the victim for what they have knowingly wrought.

As terrorism spreads ever further across the face of the planet, the communists celebrate worldwide chaos as their window for seizing global power widens and is propped open by an ever expanding pile of dead bodies. China and Russia are polishing up their nukes and weapons of death for the coming party to end all parties.

China is widening her claim to territory, while poking Japan and the US. She no longer fears the US and basically owns us financially. And that bill is about to come due. The US dollar will not be the world’s reserve currency much longer. China, Russia, Iran and others will ensure that. The Cold War never ended – it shifted and now America is about to fall victim to her own take down strategies. We are being financially bled to death and therefore, we will no longer be able to defend ourselves militarily. 

This is what happens when you elect leaders that are inexperienced, incompetent and immoral!

The lynchpins have been pulled and the gears of the machine that once drove Americas greatness fly apart as the world lurches towards World War III.

Prepare for the fight of our lives in 2014 - 2016 against the enemies within and without – our nation’s future is at stake and so is the world’s for that matter.

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