Friday, February 21, 2014

Hero: See Woman Blow Life Into A Dying Baby - News from

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Firewire from THE BLAZE February 21, 2014
Watch MN Dems Squirm When Asked An Obamacare Question
Wednesday, during a town hall-style agricultural symposium in Mankato, Minn., Democratic lawmakers were left speechless after a citizen asked a very simple question about Obamacare. Watch one woman ask a simple question that stupefied her elected officials HERE.
Pics Show The Moment A Woman Blew Life Back Into A Dying Baby
It seemed like the worst place for an emergency. A Florida woman found herself in a mid-afternoon traffic jam on Miami's 836 expressway with an unconscious baby. The Miami Herald reported that Pamela Rauseo had her 5-month-old nephew, Sebastian de la Cruz, in her car when the baby stopped breathing. Rauseo screamed for help and a stranger stuck in the same traffic jam responded. See the awesome photos showing the moment a baby's life was saved HERE.

It allegedly started with her jogging in her toe shoes and sporting headphones. It ended in video of her screaming and being led away in handcuffs. What happened in between is a matter of debate, but video showing parts of the incident is certainly gaining traction online. Watch the edited video showing the incident HERE.

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FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai is warning against his own agency's planned study of America's newsrooms, saying "government doesn't have a place in the newsroom." Thursday night, he appeared on Greta Van Susteren's TV show to detail how he feels about the program. Watch the segment HERE.

A Pennsylvania woman who had been missing for more than a week was found dead inside of her vehicle near Philadelphia's 30th Street Station — a car that had actually been issued numerous parking tickets in recent days. Watch the local television coverage of this horrible tragedy HERE.

Some Olympic skaters may weigh less than 100 pounds, but when they impact the ice after jumps, they feel the pressure of an 800-pound gorilla. Researchers at Brigham Young University rigged a special sensor so now the audience can get an accurate understanding of the beatings athletes take on the ice. See the BYU research video "Force of Flight" HERE.
Disturbing Video: NFL Star Dragging His Unconscious Fiancee
A police complaint alleges Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocked out his fiancee during an argument at an Atlantic City casino. TMZ Sports released a video of what it says shows Rice dragging a seemingly motionless woman out of a Revel Casino elevator. Get the rest of the story HERE.
See The Hilarious Response To Missouri's 'Tin Foil' Amendment
He probably should have seen this one coming. The Missouri lawmaker who added $8 to the state's proposed budget for tin foil hats for Common Core opponents got a little something in return. See the very funny image HERE.

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Canadians love their hockey. They also love beating the United States. So when the Canadian women were down 0-2 in the final minutes of Thursday's gold-medal game in Sochi, it looked inevitable that the American women were destined for glory. Watch as things quickly changed HERE.

Poll: Should Girl Scouts Sell Cookies Outside Marijuana Shops?
On Monday, one enterprising Girl Scout in the San Francisco area decided to set up her sales table outside of a local medical marijuana dispensary. She was quite successful, but the idea also sparked a debate. Is it right for young scouts to sell cookies outside of marijuana dispensaries or shops? Get the details and participate in our Blaze Poll HERE.
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