Sunday, February 16, 2014

ALERT! Ted Cruz Needs Our Support

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Time is running out for us to raise the money to fund our next round of TV ads featruing Ted Cruz opposing ObamaCare - ads that will air during coverage of some of the biggest events of the Olympics!

Our media buyers have advised us that the best time to air our Anti-ObamaCare ads featuring Senator Ted Cruz during the Olympics will be between February 19th - February 22nd.  During this time, NBC will be broadcasting coverage of Women's Figure Skating finals as well as the medal round for men's hockey.

We therefore have work to do between now and February 19th to raise money for these ads on as many stations as possible.

This is the perfect time to get our message out and help propel conservative candidates to victory in the key House and Senate races taking place by keeping the failures of ObamaCare among the most important issues to voters during these Midterm Elections taking place this year.

We absolutely must raise $3,918 within the next 12 hours to pay for our first ad buy in this effort.  You can help us reach this goal by making a contribution online - HERE.

Below you can see the ad that you contributions will be used to buy airtime for:

On Super Bowl Sunday we aired these ads across the important swing state of Colorado, where there is not only an important U.S. Senate race taking place, but where there was also huge interest in the Super Bowl with the Denver Broncos playing.  Polls showed opposition to ObamaCare rose after these ads were seen.

Here's Mary Pearson in Colorado as one of our ads aired there:

Our first round of these ads aired across Texas during the Thanksgiving NFL games and Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade which was covered by numerous media outlets including Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor."

Then on New Years Eve we ran our ads in key swing markets in Nevada - minutes before the ball dropped in Times Square!  Here is me, Lloyd Marcus, as one of our ads aired on TV in Nevada:

And now we will be reaching a sizable audience during the coverage of the Olympic Winter Games.

Please support our TV Ads supporting Senator Ted Cruz and the fight by Republicans against ObamaCare by making a contribution online - HERE.

You can contribute as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000.  To purchase airtime for these ads we're going to need as many people as possible to make a larger contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more.  If you can make a contribution of $100 or more - PLEASE CLICK HERE.

We here at the Conservative Campaign Committee don't ever believe in playing "defense" in the arena of politics.  We're not going to wait for the news media to admit that Ted Cruz was right and Barack Obama was wrong - because that day will never come.
And we are always going to seek out opportunities to put our message before the American people:  whether it be on Thanksgiving, New Years, during the Super Bowl and now during the Olympic coverage.  We're going to broadcast these ads to take our message direct to the American people, unfiltered by the liberal news media.

The critical step now is to raise money to purchase airtime so these ads are seen by Americans across the country during the Olympic coverage.

Please make a contribution to our TV ad campaign fighting back against the failed ObamaCare scheme by making a contribution online - HERE.

You can contribute as little as $5 up to the maximum allowed contribution of $5,000.
If you prefer you may also mail in a contribution to our headquarters:

Conservative Campaign Committee
ATTN: Thank You Ted Cruz
P.O. Box 1585
Sacramento, CA 95812
Paid for and authorized by the Conservative Campaign Committee.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American



Thank you for your support of our efforts to elect a conservative majority in the U.S. Senate!

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